How To Run a Successful Podcast #Semrushchat

Elena Terenteva

Mar 14, 201611 min read
How To Run a Successful Podcast

In our world of advanced technologies, new methods of information distribution are appearing one after another. Today, the number of podcasters is continually rising, which means that the level of competition between them is becoming increasingly intense. Sometimes it becomes extremely hard to find a good one, that is why we created detailed list of the top marketing podcasts for you.

There is no need to say how difficult and time-consuming it is to put together a successful podcast that your audience will be attracted to. So, we decided to discuss techniques and strategies that can help you run a great podcast! We invited Ryan Hanley @RyanHanley_Com, Head of Marketing at TrustedChoise, speaker, author and host of Content Warfare Podcast. Both our special guest and our other Chat participants shared their tips.

List of marketers' favorite podcastsOk, guys, get ready – it’s going to be a storming start! Here we collected and systematize all podcasts mentioned by our participants. Amazing source of knowledge and inspiration!

Now that we have a list of podcasts that are worth listening to, let’s think about the most important elements of each of them.Podcasting Checklist

Every time I make a list of essentials for a SEMrush Chat recap, I catch myself thinking that sometimes these “bare minimum” lists are so big that I wish luck to all who read them (like our last “Site Audit Bare Minimum Checklist,” for example). Surprisingly, this time we’re only going to talk about a limited number of things.

You’ll also need “an entertaining, interesting, and funny person,” along with a microphone, a computer, the Internet, and a functioning brain, according to Chris Desadoy ‏ @EliteYouTubePro. But this is still not a very scary list.

And speaking of microphones -- never ever try to save a dime on your tech equipment!

The quality of your sound, since you don’t even have any visuals, is crucial. Also, Reva Minkoff ‏ @revaminkoff is begging you: “No background noise!”

But don’t turn into a control freak -- there is a fragile line between good sound production and an overly edited recording. “It's more important to have a natural-sounding conversation than to sweat over the details,” according to Simon Dunant ‏@PodcastingPower.

But yet, it’s still not enough to conquer the minds and hearts of your audience. There should be “chemistry between your on-mic talent, content, and story-telling abilities,” says Agent Palmer ‏ @AgentPalmer.

Content is key here, that’s for sure! “A good podcast should be conversational, organized, and not too serious. I like a bit of humor,” says Aamina Suleman ‏ @thinkdesignvis. Ryan Hanley  @RyanHanley_Com also added, that “other than that, what makes podcasts so amazing is how dynamic you can be….

But the real spark is where you have chemistry with your audience: “Podcasts are all about chemistry (much like radio shows) -- the best podcasts feel like listening to a close friend,” according to Stephen'Bern' Banham ‏ @Berngaming.

OK, just one last thing: care about your audience and they will pay you back with gratitude!

And of course "you have to have a social media presence and interact with your listeners...It's a huge advantage!", Agent Palmer ‏ @AgentPalmer remarks. Podcasting ChecklistWhen organizing your next podcast, just look through this list and make sure nothing is missing!Key tricks for keeping an audience's attention without using imagesThe key point of a podcast people are going to listen to is providing value to the audience -- all participants agreed on that. Ryan Hanley ‏ @RyanHanley_Com: “That's it. That's the key to podcasting... Always value to the audience first.”

Ask yourself, “What are you going to provide to your audience that they can't get from any podcast currently out there?” -- Ryan Hanley ‏ @RyanHanley_Com.

And that could be:

Well, so far, it seems the personality of the author is almost as important as the topic you are discussing. “Personality is key; there must be an emotional tie between the podcast and the audience,” says David Sayce ‏ @dsayce.

Creativity is good, but every picture must begin with a sketch. And so must a podcast -- if you want to keep your audience’s attention, make the proper preparations.

Pat Whalen @2 patwhalen also suggests that you “allow the audience to write in questions in advance.”

Meloney Hall ‏ @MeloneyHall advised adding some music: “Music sprinkled in or all the way through an episode -- that's how I like podcasts, and that's what I do for mine.” And selecting the right music also requires some preparation as well.

To sum up, we can say that the best way to keep your audience’s attention is:

How to keep an audience's attentionCreating high-quality, interesting and valuable content will help you keep your audience’s attention. Without content that meets their needs, it’s really hard to prevent them from leaving your webpage. How should a marketer promote their podcast and grow their audincePromotion is an essential part of running a truly successful podcast. Our special guest and our Chat participants discussed how to do it effectively.

Ryan also added: "Having guests share your podcast definitely helps." In order to do so he recommended to draw your attention to @PodcastingPower.

This is what you should begin with! There’s no way you will be able to make a good podcast if you don’t provide value to your audience. Express Writers @ExpWriters also agrees: “First and foremost, make sure you're talking about something that resonates with your audience. Provide value!”

Follow influencers; find new ones in your industry and interact with them. Try to invite them to your podcasts, because no doubt your listeners will be willing to listen to an expert. And don’t be afraid to ask for feedback; as Cammy Murray @cammysutra6 suggests: “Ask your audience for feedback from time to time. I also recommend building an ambassador program.”

This is another statement in favor of engaging with your listeners and asking them for feedback. In a world of social media channels and online communication, personal interaction becomes a scarcity. So, today it’s crucially important to personally interact with your audience. Personality is an element that can define the success of your audio and video content.

Create a group of listeners who are devoted to your topic, fond of your content, and ready to share it with others. If you can do this, you’ll see a lasting impact and significant benefits, including new relationships. “Relationship building is important and use audio and podcast promotion platforms,” Varun Kumar @varunkr842 said.

Online forums and platforms are great for finding people in your industry who could be your potential audience. Pat Whalen @2patwhalen also suggests using the following channels: “Twitter, Reddit, Stitcher, email and content partners/guest speakers.” And Agent Palmer @AgentPalmer reminded us about posting supplementary content, for example, articles: “Supplemental blog posts to certain segments can be helpful as well.”

Also, several of our Chat participants recommended using Clammr to share your best clips. Let’s summarize the results. How to promote a podcastAs you can see, there are a lot of useful options for marketers that can help you effectively promote your podcasts and grow your audience. How to use podcasts in order to generate leads and clientsMarketers will agree that all their activities, whether you’re talking about a blog post, podcast or video, have one main purpose, which is generating leads and clients. So, what should you do in order to complete these tasks?

No doubt, building and earning authority with your audio, video and other types of content is difficult, but this is an essential part of a marketer’s job. As Ryan says, if you can do this, you’ll be very happy about the results: “Once you've established that authority, generating leads can be as simple as asking for them.”

Indeed, aggressive advertising and selling never work well. You must apply other techniques in order to capture your audience’s attention. Chris Desadoy  @EliteYouTubePro also pointed out that you actually won’t be able to attract more clients if generating leads is your primary goal. You don’t want to just sell, you should also provide truly valuable and useful content for your listeners.

Julia McCoy @Julia McCoy provided us with a great piece of advice: creating a podcast also gives you an opportunity to create other types of content. If you can come up with fresh, creative and interesting ways of repurposing your existing content, you’ll quickly see your desired results.

A lead-capture form is an important element, and you certainly should implement one. You should think through what design and formatting your lead form should have, because this will impact your audience’s behavior, namely it will determine whether or not they will be eager to complete your form.

I like this comparison of a podcast to a movie trailer! Capture your audience’s attention and pique their interest, so they won’t be able to miss what you want to tell and show them!

Now, we have a set of effective techniques, best practices and strategies that will help you with your lead generation goals. How to generate leads with a podcastFirst of all, build authority on your topic and make your podcasts interesting and thriving, so your audience will be willing to listen to them until the very end and complete your lead form. Repurposing content of a podcastWe’ve already mentioned the importance of repurposing your content; this strategy can also be applied to your podcasts! But how can you repurpose them in order to achieve your goals?

Ryan says that you should certainly repurpose your content. Also, it’s very important to be prepared when podcasting: “When you're prepared, you'll be able to create podcast content with repurposing in mind.”

If you just watch them, your podcasts will provide you with ample opportunities! Don’t miss the chance to use them to create great new content! But there are also other crucial things you should always keep in mind. Here, Chris Barrows @CBarrows says: “Repurpose (but with value) -- don't just share to share, but give them a reason.” Indeed, there’s no way you can succeed if your content doesn’t provide any value to your audience.

As you can see, our participants share their opinion. Actually, you can repurpose content from your podcast. Besides, if you have, for example, a really good blog post, try to use that content in your next podcast!

Indeed, the opportunities for repurposing can be tremendous! Julia McCoy @JuliaEMcCoy also voted for repurposing: “YES! a) Write transcriptions and post episodes on your site for SEO content; b) visuals; c) and there’s SO MANY podcast platforms to be on.”

Let’s see what we have so far!

I think we have a broad list of options for repurposing content. Podcast content repurposingThat’s it for today!

I think this was a great discussion! Again, many thanks to our special guest Ryan Hanley @RyanHanley_Com and other Chat participants!

As always, see you this Wednesday!

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