Search Bootcamp Speakers Roundtable: Skills an SEO Pro Must Have


Long gone are the days of stuffing a website with numerous keywords and getting a bunch of backlinks to improve your rankings. Today’s SEO is a much more complicated and intricate process; it involves technical aspects, social media management, content creation and promotion, networking and communication.

To truly be a successful specialist, one needs diverse experiences and knowledge, sometimes beyond what we consider traditional SEO skills.

On June 22, the second edition of Search Bootcamp brings together SEO professionals who are experts in their field. We’ve asked them to share their opinions on the key skills a good SEO specialist should have.

We are happy to introduce these Search Bootcamp speakers to you! See the SEO specialists and our SlideShare presentation after the jump.

Skills an SEO Pro Must Have from SEMrush

Join us on June 22 in London to learn insights from our conference speakers, discover the newest trends, deepen your SEO knowledge and network with like-minded people!

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