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Take Search Engine Marketing a Notch Higher with Online Surveys

Kelvin Stiles

Using an efficient online analytics tool is imperative when it comes to gauging visitors’ interest on your website. However, you can take the process of evaluation and improvement a notch higher with online surveys, and reap the maximum benefits of investing your precious analyst hours.

Here are the steps you need to follow. 

Although a web analytics tool is important, there are certain things you can do to measure the efficiency of your web pages without using it. Those things definitely help improve the performance of and create a business impact for your product, but also require some patience to follow through all the steps. Ultimately, at some point, using the SEO evaluation software becomes your best bet and, like it or not, you have to invite in extra help (and pay for it too!) to get accurate results.

Nevertheless, let me guide you briefly on how you can assess the performance of your website before applying a web tool:

1. Do not spend most of your time and efforts on refining the website’s home page only. Every page is now a home page and needs to create an equal impression on the visitor, no matter what page he enters from.

2. Since now you have to focus on all of the pages and not all of the content is going to be consumed by the traffic, you have to find out exactly what works best for your visitors. Find the limitations of that most useful content and see at which point the impact declines altogether. That is where you would be using all your time and resources to bring improvement for the future.

3. Another way to identify the website pages in dire need of recovery is to measure their bounce rate which is different from the exit rate of a page. It is far less confusing because it tells you the visitor left right where he entered from. Exit rate, on the other hand, gives data on how many people left your website on a particular page, even though they entered through another. So once you know which pages have the highest bounce rate, you can put your time to good use in order to fix them.

SEO analytics tool – bring in the essential love!

SEO Analytics software tells you everything from tracking the clicks to context metrics. But, all the intelligence it brings is mostly technical and cannot provide interaction with the visitors.

While you can find out which pages do well or not without using the tool, there will come a stage when using it becomes indispensable. Just figuring out where the impact declines is not enough. You need to pinpoint the exact reason "why." You need to get a clear idea whether your pages are under-performing because you are getting traffic for the wrong keywords or because it takes your visitor several minutes to reach the important content and they lose interest. This kind of evaluation is difficult but crucial for the well-being of your site.

Since the resources you have are finite, you need to take concrete measures and leave nothing to chance to make every page count on your website. Once you are done with the standard assessment of your pages, it is high time to integrate online surveys in your plan of reforming the whole website.

Use online surveys – apply a holistic approach!

Now some of you might be thinking, why on earth do we need to create a survey to further engage our visitors? I will more accurately describe it as the cherry on top of your cake. Would you want to miss the most delish and visually appealing ingredient in your dessert? I don’t think so. Likewise, why not authenticate all the refreshing changes and their outcome (some hard-earned traffic) by conducting timely reviews and feedback.

Even before creating feedback surveys, you can determine which website pages are yielding more results by asking your usual visitors and customers some carefully constructed questions. The influencers, especially, can help you find the pain points on your website. Moreover, you get to know your online target audience by interviewing them and that improves your ranking on the search engine results pages.

Here are a few steps to make successful surveys when you need information and feedback at the crucial moment of deciding exactly what, where and how much for your website pages:

1. Pop-ups and widgets normally work best to reach out to the public no matter which page they enter from, so make sure you create a well-phrased invitation.

2. The best way to engage the influencers is to reach out to them the old-fashioned way; i.e. contact them personally through e-mail, phone or mail.

3. Once you launch a survey to analyze the website, don’t forget to promote it on your blog or whatever social media platforms you take advantage of.

4. You may have created an excellent survey but your visitors might need an incentive to attempt them. Sometimes, you need to offer a little extra something like a coupon or a discount, etc.

Since you are going to combine the information retrieved from the visitor through surveys with that of SEO analytics software, you should make the best use of this opportunity and also find out what the respondents’ online habits are. You could ask simple questions like:

  • How much time do they spend online and how often?
  • Which computer device is most preferred by them?
  • What internet browser do they use?
  • Which of your competitors have they done business with?

With the additional unique data provided by your online survey, you now take an all-encompassing approach to gauging visitors’ sentiments regarding your website. A good survey can help you build links and net more traffic, and also give you more ideas to plan long-term improvement and advancement. While this whole process may not be immediately actionable, the reward of all your efforts will bring you long-lasting business value from the fixes you made.

So, did you find this article useful? Did we miss anything?

Author bio:

Kelvin Stiles is a Tech Enthusiast and Marketing Manager at SurveyCrest – an online survey software. He is also an avid blogger and a comic book fanatic.

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