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Search Engine Optimization tips that really bring website traffic

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Search Engine Optimization tips that really bring website traffic

If you have something valuable to offer and you want to sell it online, you will definitely need a website. But once the website is built, you need visitors that will later convert into customers. There are many tactics out there to increase website traffic from various sources and with different Internet-marketing tools.

Since search engines are still one of the most important sources for customer acquisition, you should pay much attention to the SEO of your project. These search engine optimization tips will help you get relevant visitors and potential customers from search engines.

All SEO tactics can be divided into those that are allowed by search engines and those that are prohibited. Prohibited tactics can bring you SEO traffic for a limited period of time, but in 2-3 months your website will be penalized and banned. So, do not try to cheat search engines and never use tactics that are not allowed by Google.

Search engine algorithms are constantly developing and evolving. Some SEO methods that were once allowed sometimes become prohibited over time. It usually happens when search engines notice that some methods are misused and let users easily manipulate website rankings. Therefore, you should also keep track of all Google algorithm changes in order to be sure that you use only proven and legal methods. And when you read some SEO optimization tips, do always check them for compliance with search engines’ guidelines.

Search engines are always hungry for fresh content. And one of the best ways to attract relevant visitors to your website is to publish good content on a regular basis there. It can be, for example, a blog or article section with some relevant pieces of industry-related news, tips, overviews, reports etc. Good content is always likely to be shared with others, and this will help you get additional visitors. Besides the fact this content will be ranked in search engines for relevant keywords, the most important thing here is that all the content should be original. Copy and pasting from other resources won’t do.

Users’ behavior is a very important factor for good rankings of your project. The longer your visitors stay on your site, the better it is for your rankings. So a good user experience is your main priority. Do not abuse users’ attention and do not overload it with text. A mixture of text and images would be the best option. All the content (text as well as images) should be SEO optimized, but please, do not forget to control your keyword density. This parameter should be kept under 5%, otherwise your project can be penalized for overoptimization.

Do not ignore keywords that are misspelled. Some spelling mistakes are so common that the amounts of traffic for them are huge. Always check website traffic to your project and its sources, and if you see that some misspelled keywords bring you relevant traffic – try to additionally optimize your website towards these keywords. Additional channels for misspelled keyword ideas would be Google AdWords Keyword Tools and your competitors’ websites.

Hopefully these website SEO tips will help you increase your website traffic. The main thing you should remember here – be passionate with what you do and try to focus on users rather than on search engines. Use Google guidelines, your competitors’ websites and common sense for ideas on how to improve your project visibility and increase amounts of relevant visitors.

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