Semrush Community Soars to a Whole New Level with Melissa Fach

Olga Andrienko

Apr 12, 20171 min read
Semrush Community Soars to a Whole New Level

At Semrush, we do not make a habit of introducing every new employee. But last week someone you all know very well joined our team. We are extremely proud and happy to announce that Melissa Fach is now the Editor of the Semrush blog.

Melissa will lead the editing of Semrush’s official blog, ensuring the highest quality of content and great interactions between authors, readers and our team. As a part of the team, Melissa will focus on turning our blog from a broadcasting platform into a community-focused space and one of the main go-to places to discuss the latest industry trends.

There are only a few people in the industry with that level of experience who are also that passionate and dedicated to their work. Melissa’s exceptional knowledge and her ideas for the future of the Semrush blog are what I’m really excited about in 2017. 

— Oleg Shchegolev, CEO and Co-Founder of Semrush

Melissa is a well-known editor and community manager with 11 years of experience in the SEO industry.

She has worked as the Social and Community Manager at Pubcon, an Editor at Moz, the Managing Editor of SEJ, and has worked on several other interesting projects.

Her experience in social media, community management and content marketing is a great fit for helping Semrush create and publish high-quality content our users will enjoy and engage with. The Semrush blog is a constantly evolving ecosystem with more than 800 regular contributors and more than 100 posts submitted per month. The arrival of Melissa to our team will help the blog become bigger and better than ever!

I am really excited to join the Semrush team and look forward to helping the team take the blog to the next level. I have worked as a writer, so I understand how much work writers put into their articles. My goal is to help writers create pieces that are so fantastic that the reader sees the author as someone they can trust, and someone they want to read in the future. Semrush has the tools that most people can’t live without, and now we plan on creating a blog that can’t be ignored.

— Melissa Fach

I’d also like to take the opportunity to mention that we are always looking for new authors, great posts and knowledgeable advice our users could benefit from, so don’t hesitate to send your articles and ideas!

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