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SEMrush Diaries: Web Marketing Festival

Kate Makulova
SEMrush Diaries: Web Marketing Festival

At SEMrush, we always aim to expand our horizons and try new things. Last month, we stepped out into new territory and tried our hands at conference organizing.

On the first day of the Web Marketing Festival, an annual digital marketing conference organized by GT Idea (June 19-20 in Rimini, Italy), SEMrush conducted a special event – the SEMrush International Track. During this session, leading international industry experts presented insightful lectures covering the most important aspects of digital marketing and shared forward-thinking ideas and strategies.

The festival and the special event were great! We want to share with you our impressions and point out the brightest moments of this very special event! 2,600 attendees from all over the Italy, more than 120 speeches, 10 simultaneous sessions, 17,775 tweets with “#wmf15,” and a great networking atmosphere –Web Marketing Festival is worthy of being called an outstanding event, not just for the Italian market, but at the global market level.

On the first day of the conference, SEMrush held its International Track, which featured internationally acclaimed speakers. We want to thank them for the very productive session and the fun atmosphere!

Bastian Grimm, CEO of Peak Ace AG Cosmin Negrescu, CEO of SEOmonitor Dixon Jones, Marketing Director at Majestic Lukasz Zelezny, Head of Organic Acquisition at Nichola Stott, Managing Director at MediaFlow Stephen Kenwright, Head of Search at Branded3

Let’s hear some first-hand impressions from Matteo Auletta, SEMrush’s ambassador to Italy and the moderator of SEMrush’s International Track: "This event was huge! When I find myself at events like this one, I usually have an internal monologue that goes like this: 'Okay, that business I do on the computer... it’s all real!' New hands were shaken, ideas exchanged and feedback noted. All expectations were met! As moderator of the International Track, I had access to most of the slides before the event, so I already knew a bit about what the international speakers would talk about. Not surprisingly, hearing those speeches live added a completely new dimension to the content. Most of the day was about international organic search. I liked how we started with Nichola Stott. She truly gave life to her slides, and it was very easy to connect with her.

Then it was time for Dixon Jones, AKA “Mr Links,” who raised some serious trust levels in the room.

Bastian Grimm, AKA the Anti-Relcanonical Man, discussed some SEO best practice – very practical and straight to the point.

Stephen Kenwright must have been the only one who mentioned “long clicks” the whole day. He gave a great speech about user experience and SEO.

We also had a bunch of analytics advice sprinkled on top of it all by the amazing Lukasz Zelezny and even a few entrepreneurship tips to close the day with Cosmin Negrescu that kept the audience well awake, despite how busy the day was." 

By the way, if you want to get more insights from our great speakers, check out this roundup - Beyond SEO Skills: How to become great SEO Expert. On the second day of the event Matteo also gave a speech during one of the sessions.

The number of attendees speaks for itself. His speech was about content architecture and internal structure in WordPress for SEO longevity.

As for the other speeches we attended, we would like to mention Gianluca Fiorelli’s talk about international social media – great insight into statistical data about daily social media penetration for various European countries and the most popular types of content, and great examples of successful social media brands.

Andrea Pernici provided one of the most memorable speeches. He chose a hot topic – mobile search marketing – and nailed it! From social media management to app store optimization to Google AdWords tips – very insightful and inspiring!

I hope we provided you with at least a bit of the excitement of Web Marketing Festival. It’s definitely worth returning to, and we are looking forward to joining the Web Marketing Festival team next year for more surprises!

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Kate is the head of event marketing at SEMrush. She is responsible for the development and execution of corporate event marketing programs. A traveler and explorer, she loves to build new connections and accept challenges. Connect on Twitter, LinkedIn.
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