Semrush in 2018: Greater Plans for Your Greater Success

Elena Terenteva

Jan 05, 20184 min read
Greater Plans for Your Greater Success

Hey there, you might have finished unwrapping your holiday gifts, but the SEMrush team is bringing you some more!

During the past decade, SEMrush has made its way from a successful SEO tool to an award-winning, all-inclusive, digital marketing suite recognized worldwide.

We wish your business the same success, and that is why we proclaim 2018 the year of enhanced data. To make your decisions more informed and your marketing strategies more considered, we are going to provide you with more precise values, extended databases, additional filters, and new reports, not to mention a couple of completely new tools.

We know you're excited, so here are just a few secrets we are happy to disclose.


In the volatile world of SEO, the data can never be too accurate. To maintain high standards, stay abreast of the technology, and to deliver the most precise values we are launching a major update of our keyword databases. Besides, there will be other solutions intended to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Domain Analytics

  1. New keyword ideas. We’ll update our keyword algorithm to enrich our database with additional trending keywords and change the formula for search volume calculation to a more sophisticated one based on clickstream data analysis.
  2. The distinct scope of analysis. Subdomain and URL analytics should become helpful features, allowing you to save time by reviewing target domains in part.
  3. New UI. All of the above will be packed in a new straightforward interface to let you see all you need at the touch of a button.

Site Audit

  1. Increased quality and quantity of data. We plan to increase the number of checks to cover the factors that influence websites’ performance and page speed.
  2. Internal Linking Analysis. To spare you from the tedious routine, we are introducing a new report. It will tell you if all the pages of your website are correctly interlinked.
  1. Accurate backlinks evaluation. The new algorithm of Backlink Analytics will be topped up with new filters and charts that will help you better estimate the value and determine the fate of each backlink.
  2. Easy outreach. The enhanced email templates should come in handy in the struggle against toxic links.
  3. Fast detection and repair of broken backlinks. Better UX of the Lost & Found report and a few changes in the recrawl history of Backlink Audit.
  4. A clear vision of the prospects. We are also going to enhance the Prospects report, and link monitoring in the Link Building Tool to show you the bigger picture of your backlink outcomes.
  5. Optimized reporting. New widgets for PDF reports will allow supplementing the latter with the backlink data you’d like to highlight.

Keyword Research

  1. New optimization perspectives. The databases of the  Keyword Magic Tool will expand significantly.
  2. New countries in the database. Alongside expanding our existing databases we’d like to facilitate your keyword research adding new bases many of you have been waiting for.


Of course, the advertising sphere will not be left uncovered! We have prepared updates that will let PPC specialists facilitate their workflow at each stage, from planning an advertising campaign to the actual ad creation and monitoring.

  1. Better CPC and Search Volume information. We are going to increase the quality of data in PPC Keyword Tool, Keyword Magic Tool, and Advertising Research thanks to the database update.
  2. Ad extensions and more. The abilities to add and manage ad extensions and produce responsive ads (for GDN campaigns) in the Ad Builder are the features thousands of PPC specialists can’t wait to try.
  3. Additional advertising networks. Display Advertising is ‘going universal’: we are adding new advertising platforms to the GDN it covers now. The tool’s enhanced search function will let you go as far as searching by keyword and even by industry. You’ll also be able to sort the results in your Display Advertising report by category to see the broader picture with display advertisers in your sphere.

Social Media

2017 has really been a banner year for our social media tools. And in the upcoming 2018, we are going to continue expanding the suite to cover even more gaps in social media marketers’ workflow and prove that our toolkit is the only solution you’ll ever need to successfully manage your social channels.

  1. More social channels. In the first quarter of the year, we will add Pinterest to the pool of social channels the tool currently covers.
  2. Expanded competitor monitoring. The list of the social channels where you can track the best posts of your competitors (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube) will be completed with Pinterest.
  3. All messages in one tab. The SEMrush team is preparing a whole new functionality for you. The Social Listening feature is an incredibly straightforward and time-saving solution to stay on a friendly footing with your audience. It will allow you to answer comments and messages in social media without needing to log on to dozens of accounts.


In 2017 SEMrush introduced a number of tools within its Content Marketing Toolkit. We strongly believe it can cover most of both writers and content strategists needs. In 2018 we are going to continue refining our solutions.

1. Enhanced content evaluation. Our new Content Audit algorithm will let you check how well your content answers different types of user queries and see how relevant a certain topic may be for your target audience.

2. More content ideas. The recently launched Topic Research Tool will help you find new topics, estimate their popularity and better understand which user questions you can answer with your articles. You can also view your target and related topics in the form of inspiring mind maps, and there are more new functions to be added.

More Presents to Unwrap

These are just a few of the pleasant surprises we’ve prepared for our users. There are a lot more to come later. SEMrush is not going to lose momentum and we promise more features and updates based on your feedback, the demands you have now, and even some you might have in the future.

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Elena TerentevaElena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at Semrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies. Bookworm, poker player, good swimmer.
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