We are happy to inform you that recently SEMrush and Majestic decided to join forces to provide link builders with a way to conduct a fast and comprehensive analysis of the whole scope of a website’s backlinks. From now on you can connect Majestic’s API data to our Backlink Audit Tool in one click. Let us show you how you will benefit from this collaboration.

Making the Right Choice

If you work in the link building field, you probably know that you have to use more than one tool for a thorough understanding of what is going on with your backlinks. You want to know whether your efforts paid off or not, whether or not someone has employed black-hat techniques against you, how well your contractor performed, and so on.

Let’s take a look at the results of the analysis of the intersection of the backlinks that Google Search Console, SEMrush, Majestic, Ahrefs, and Moz detect for 100 random domains (of different size, age, and regions).

referring domains comparison

What we can see here is that no matter how hard each tool tries to provide its users with comprehensive data, there is always something missing. So we thought: "What could make it easier for people to make the right choice when it comes to a tool?"

The answer was to give people the opportunity to combine data from SEMrush’s database with the power of the Majestic's database and Google Search Console in one place.

In order to upload this new scope of backlinks to a current or future Backlink Audit, you simply need to connect Majestic's API data through it's Open Apps Technology.

Connect Majestic to SEMrush

If you are unfamiliar with the full capacity our Backlink Audit tool, let us show you how it can help you conduct a complete link audit.

Analyze, Disavow, Outreach, Monitor!

With this one tool, you can conduct a full audit in four steps:

  1. Analyze: Once you connected Google Search Console and Majestic data to the Backlink Audit tool, it automatically analyzes all the backlinks according to 50+ toxic markers and divides them into 3 groups (toxic, potentially toxic, non-toxic), so you can prioritize your further work.

  2. Disavow: Next, you can start with the most harmful group and simply add all those links to Disavow list to move it to the Google Disavow Tool without any obstructions afterward.

    Disavow links with SEMrush tool

  3. Outreach: If you feel like it would be better to contact the website owner first (if you want to remove a particular link or simply change the anchor text), then add all such links to the “Remove” list. Connect your Gmail account to have the opportunity to reach out to website owners and monitor the progress right on the spot.

    Outreach system in SEMrush

  4. Monitor: Follow your progress in the Lost & Found tab. Here you will see:

  • New: the list of backlinks that you have gained within one month. Here you can find out the results of your link building or PR campaign, or detect new harmful links.
  • Broken: the list of backlinks from the pages which returned 4xx/5xx error codes. It is good to contact website owners to help them fix a possible website’s issue and get your backlink back in the meantime.
  • Lost: the list of backlinks you have lost within the previous 2 months, which means Google might still be considering their value at the current moment.
  • Lost forever: the list of backlinks you lost more than 2 months ago. This means Google doesn’t take them into account anymore and it could be tough to recover them, so you might want to focus on other link building activities.

By adding the “Completely lost forever” filter in any tab, you will see all the information listed above, but in terms of referring domains, not backlinks. It is quite useful, especially when you want to find those websites that removed all the links to your site and ask for them back.

Lost referring domains in SEMrush Backlink Audit

Tell us what you think!

We hope you get the benefits of this collaboration right away! If you have any issues connecting Majestic or Google Search Console data, feel free to reach out to our customer success team at mail@semrush.com And share with us your experience!

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