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SEMrush, one of the best competition analysis tool, userbase is 300,000 strong!

Natalia Shilova

Dear valued customers!

We are happy to announce that the SEMrush, one of the best SEO keyword research and competition analysis tool, userbase has recently grown to 300,000 registered users! It is our great pleasure say thanks to all of you for your interest in our services. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you return to our website time and again, as it lets us know we’ve made something you find really useful. Since the beginning of our journey as a company, we’ve never failed to remember that it is you, our customers, to whom we owe our success today!

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, we are presenting our 300,000th registered user with a one-year Pro Account! Our lucky customer is John Basham of Texas, and we are excited to welcome him to our SEMrush Pro community.

We are grateful to all of our SEMrush users for their involvement in our success, and we hope you’ll continue with us as we move towards a bigger and even brighter future. When we see articles, blog posts, and comments about our service, we realize how much SEMrush is truly needed by so many people. Everything that our users do is appreciated greatly, and it’s thanks to your help and amazing feedback that we have officially gained 300,000 users on our roster!

But wait, there’s more… Just today we’ve made yet another major and much requested improvement to our service: Historical Databases for the entirety of 2012, month by month. This data is available now for all of our Guru and Enterprise account holders.

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