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SEMrush Pro Tips Official Tutorial - Why are Search Volumes in SEMrush Different Than in Google Adwords?

David Black
SEMrush Pro Tips Official Tutorial - Why are Search Volumes in SEMrush Different Than in Google Adwords?

This is the first clip in a new series of official SEMrush short videos called "Pro Tips." These videos are made specifically with our users most frequently asked questions in mind. In this installment of Pro Tips, I'll show you exactly why a keywords search volume in SEMrush may not automatically sync up with Google Adwords. The answer is much easier than you might think!

If you would like to submit a question for our Pro Tips series, feel free to send me an email! - [email protected]

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Customer Success Director, SEMrush
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Konstantin Kostychuk
This video being from back in 2013 is a little outdated. SEMrush monthly search volumes vary from Keyword Planner results. Sometimes they're higher and other times they're lower. I make sure to checks location, language and all other parameters.

Keyword planner's interface changed over the years and we no longer have the broad, exact or phrase matches but we do have an option to show closely related ideas. Checking that option to "on" still yields the same differences in search volumes between SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner.

Can anyone update me on something that I'm doing wrong or perhaps something has changed on the SEMrush side?
Mike Isaac
Konstantin Kostychuk
Hey Konstantin! Thanks for reaching out! We are actually in the process of updating all of our Pro Tips videos including this one! You can check out the first one we have revised on our YouTube channel here:

As far as your question goes, the keywords you see within SEMrush are all exact match. So anytime you are on a Keyword Overview for a particular keyword, it is for that exact phrase. Any keyword you search will always be at the national level. Whatever database you choose to see data for, the results will be for that specific database. Most of the time you will notice that our search volumes are quite close to what Keyword Planner will tell you.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success department at [email protected] You can also call in at the numbers listed at the footer of our website.

Thanks again Konstantin!
Just the info I was looking for, thanks David! BTW, I second the vote for a transcript of this video.
Barrie Smith
Hi David,

Nice post and video - this could be further improved by adding the transcript of the video to the blog post if possible!


David Black
Barrie Smith
Hi Barrie,

Thanks for checking out the post! I completely agree and I'll be more than happy to add a transcript to future posts as well as maybe citing some examples where possible. At first, I was afraid of diverting attention away from the video but in hindsight, I think it will only enhance it. I really appreciate the feedback and if there's anything else I can do for you, feel free to let me know.
Well done David. Looking forward to more videos showing different ways to use semrush and show off some of its features. Cheers!
Great quality video that shows the value of SEM-RUSH! Excellent.
Nice tip - thanks.

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