Semrush Q&A: Conversion Sciences CEO Brian Massey

Brian Massey

Mar 27, 20152 min read
Semrush Q&A: Conversion Sciences CEO Brian Massey

Conversion Sciences CEO Brian Massey joined Semrush as special guest for a webinar, “Chemistry of the Landing Page.” Brian answered some additional questions about conversion optimization, mobile conversion and more following his webinar.

Question: Will traffic acquisition become more difficult in 2015, and how will that affect conversion optimization? 

A: It may not be more difficult, but it will be different. Advertising rates for paid advertising are rising in many areas. As prices rise, the cost of acquiring new customers rises and this will price many businesses out of the ad markets. Conversion optimization will be the only way to return acquisition costs to affordable levels.

Q: Is conversion optimization really a form of SEO? 

A: Conversion optimization is having a bigger influence on both organic search rank and paid search rank. Google is looking at "pogo sticking" as an indicator of a site's relevance. If visitors are clicking through to your site and are coming right back, you will be considered a second class citizen by Google.

Q: What needs to be in place before I begin to optimize my conversion rate? 

A: We recommend:

  1. a properly configured analytics setup to help you decide what to test;
  2. click-tracking solution like CrazyEgg to let you peer through your visitors' eyes;
  3. split testing software;
  4. tranquilizer for your boss.

Q: How are conversion rates likely to change in 2015 — will they go up, down, or sideways? 

A: Of course they will go up in 2015. As more and more businesses adopt the disciplines of conversion optimization, websites will improve and visitors will more readily find what they are looking for.

Q: Will I need to prepare for more mobile conversion opportunities in 2015? 

A: The websites built in the 1990s would be an embarrassment today. Likewise, Mobile Web 1.0 will be looked back at with a laugh. However, it won't take a decade to bring Mobile Web 2.0 to fruition. We have amazing tools to optimize mobile sites, and I expect businesses to test their way to Mobile 2.0 more quickly. 2015 will be a pivotal learning year.

Q: I've heard that mobile data is hard to get, and mobile conversions can be challenging. In 2015, how can I prepare my site (or clients' site) for conversion optimization via mobile devices?

A: Mobile data is not hard to get. We are in a golden age of tools and data. Mobile visitors do convert at significantly lower rates than do desktop visitors. We don't think that this is intrinsic to the platform. In fact, conversion rates for mobile devices should exceed desktop conversion rates for many industries. The best way to prepare is to begin testing your mobile site as a separate, unique site. Avoid responsive sites and design sites specifically for the smaller screens, especially phone-sized screens. You have a lot to learn and new technologies to test. Get started in 2015.

View Brian's portion of the panel below or click through to listen to the entire panel discussion.

You may also download a PDF transcript of the panel and access the SlideShare.

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Brian MasseyBrian Massey calls himself a Conversion Scientist and he has the lab coat to prove it. He is the founder of website optimization company Conversion Sciences and author of the book, "Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas of The Conversion Scientist." His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses was developed over 20 years as a computer programmer, corporate marketer and entrepreneur. He authors "The Conversion Scientist" blog, and has written for, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and the Content Marketing Institute. He lives and works in Austin, Texas where life and the Internet are hopelessly entwined. You can view a recording of his webinar here.
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