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SEMrush Search Report: The New Galaxy S4

Kerin Foster
SEMrush Search Report: The New Galaxy S4

Could it be true? The iPhone5 actually has another rival? As of today, Samsung has uncovered the new Galaxy S4 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and I must admit that I was a bit impressed when I was able to capture a glimpse of it on the news before heading to work this morning. But I guess I also need to take into consideration that I am still an iPhone 4 user, so of course don’t have the iPhone 5 to compare to (at least not yet).

Reviews are already abundant, with the keyword galaxy s4 producing 671 million results today. A huge new feature is what’s called the “Air Wave” which allows you to wave your hand over the phone to perform various tasks such as surfing the web. They also increased the screen size to 5 inches in order to outshine that of the iPhone 5’s 4 inches, but this resulted in a substantial increase in the dimensions of the handset, and its monstrous size may prove difficult for some.

It does, however, have a pretty cool dual camera that allows the picture-taker to take both photos and video shots from the front and back simultaneously, which is probably going to be an attractive feature to many and will provide for some interesting photo ops.

s4 1

As of February, searches for galaxy s4 skyrocketed in anticipation for its release, with about 14.8 thousand searches per month and almost 39 million results (clearly that took a substantial jump this month, specifically today, as previously mentioned). Samsung Galaxy s4 produced a close 33 million results last month. There is no comparison to the searches and results that were present back in September prior to the initial launch and subsequent release of the iPhone 5.

Once again in September (the iPhone was unveiled around September 12th), the keyword iphone 5 was searched for approximately 2.7 million times per month, producing over 3 billion results at the time. To date, a Google search for iphone 5 produces 7.3 billion results – quite the difference, as the iPhone always seems to be the king of smartphone searches.

s4 2

 So the final competitor: the Blackberry Z10. A search for just that brings about 98.4 million results, so there’s definitely some talk going on about it subsequent so it’s unveiling in January of this year.

s4 3

The keyword blackberry is searched for 246 thousand times per month with 864 million results, so there is definitely still some talk going on about the RIM-turned-Blackberry product line since I originally took a look at them back in January. So where is Samsung taking their advertising to promote their new S4? All of their ads texts for February are still specifically promoting the SIII, but that will likely change in response to today’s announcement:

s4 4

Ads texts for Samsung galaxy s4 confirm that Amazon.com and Samsung.com are the only two bidding on it last month, with Amazon actually advertising the new phone and the actual creator still advertising the S4’s predecessor, the S3. Below, in looking at keyword adwords history for Samsung galaxy s 4 (note the space added between s and 4 J), some interesting results come up:

s4 5

Not all that many were bidding on the keyword last month except for Amazon and Samsung once again. Others were bidding on the keyword as far back as March of last year, advertising site homepages (Samsung and Spring), and even HTC.com was advertising the HTC One in May of last year.Undoubtedly as of this month, keyword bidders, ad texts, and searches will change drastically this month especially after today. But will the Galaxy S4 be able to fare next to its competitors, specifically the beloved iPhone 5? We’d love to hear your thoughts – would you invest in an S4 for your next upgrade?

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