Semrush Site Audit Digest: New Reports and Settings

Elena Terenteva

Jul 18, 20175 min read
Semrush Site Audit Digest

During the past year our SEMrush Site Audit tool has become more powerful. We have added a lot of new checks and have made a lot of upgrades that you will find very useful.

So now is the perfect time to tell you what has changed in our audit tool. We are going to give you a brief overview of some of the changes and then dig deeper into each one. 

New Statistical Data and Three New Thematic Reports

  1. International SEO report - one of the best International SEO reports on the market for sure which includes 13 hreflang checks wrapped up in a great UX/UI for more convenient work with a large amount of data.

  2. HTTPS implementation report -a new thematic report, which includes 10 checks for monitoring a site’s security state.

  3. Crawlability report. Overall statistics - around 15 parameters altogether regarding your website crawlability.

  4. New data in statistics page - HTTPS status code, AMP links, hreflang usage, markups, crawl depth, etc. Now it contains around 20 parameters for a greater picture of what changes should be made.

Integration with Other Tools

  1. Integration with Google Analytics- connect GA and sort all pages by the number of unique visits to ensure you fix any possible mistakes on the most important webpages.

  2. Integration with SEOquake - when your Site Audit campaign is set up for a particular domain, you will be able to see stats about a page’s mistakes in the SEOquake toolbar.

  3. Integration with Trello - you can send info about mistakes on specific pages to your webmaster or team members for correction.

Flexible Settings

  1. Ability to run a daily monitoring - once a week or once a day, now it is totally up to you. This feature can be very handy during complicated projects, like moving to a HTTPS version, for example.

  2. Ability to hide issues you don’t care about - if there are specific issues you consider insignificant you can now just exclude them from your report.

International SEO Report

SEMrush Site Audit - International SEO report

These reports offer a large amount of data that is presented in a clear format, and they provide not just a list of the pages where mistakes were detected, but also point out the mistake.

All 13 checks can be combined into 5 categories:

  • Issues with hreflang values

  • Hreflang conflicts within a page source code

  • Bad hreflang link

  • Potentially missing hreflangs

  • Hreflang language mismatch

Data about how often these mistakes appear and how to fix them can be found in our study - 13 Most Common Hreflang Mistakes - SEMrush Study.

HTTPS Implementation Report

SEMrush Site Audit HTTPS implementation report

I believe that the IT industry has never had to face the avalanche of security problems like it did this past year. Website security is a top concern to many, and our contribution to help combat security threats is in our HTTPS implementation report.

Whether it is mixed content issues, non-secure pages, expired SSL certificates, no SNI or HSTS support - it is all in the report.

For more information about what mistakes our Site Audit can detect and how often they appear, see the  10 HTTPS Implementation Mistakes - SEMrush Study.

Crawlability Report

SEMrush Crawlability report

This is a brand new report, recently launched, and it is all about crawlability: it does not just cover mistakes, but also offers valuable knowledge on page crawl depth, linking, redirects, HTTPS status codes, and more. There are around 15 parameters altogether, and it offers an important new check for redirect chains and loops.

New Data in Statistics Page

SEMrush Site Audit Statistics

This isn't really about mistakes, but offers useful website data you need to know for an overall picture:

  • Markup
  • Crawl depth
  • HTTP status code distribution widget - was added this year
  • Canonicalization
  • AMP links - we didn’t found another site auditor providing this info, by the way
  • Sitemap vs. Crawled pages
  • Incoming internal links
  • Hreflang usage - also was recently added.

Integration with Google Analytics

Thousand of mistakes on thousands of pages can frustrate anyone, so try and help make your work easier we added integration with Google Analytics.

After you connect your Google Analytics account, you will be able to see the number of unique visits in Crawled Pages report. By the way, this report contains advanced filters - you can filter pages by URL, and also by 8 additional parameters (listed in the Statistics page- you can see them above).

Integration with SEOquake



The SEOquake toolbar provides SEO information for a specific page, but with the integration of our site audit tool, it will also display a number of problems detected on a particular page. Сlick on the 'Site Audit' icon on the SEObar and you will see a dropdown menu with a list of issues for the current page and a ‘View Details’ button leading to the Site Audit report page.

Integration with Trello

SEMrush Site Audit Integration with Trello

The big green button will make your life easier. You can go to the Issues Report to see the data about different types of mistakes, choose the ones you need to be fixed, and send them to your webmaster. You also have the ability to add comments.

Ability to Hide Issues You Don’t Care About

This option is right next to the Trello button; you can see it in the previous screenshot above. There are times when something pops up in a report that is not a priority for you or your clients, so you can now hide/exclude the issue.

Another bonus, whenever an issue is "hidden" that issue will not be a part of the "total score calculation". The excluded checks will appear on the top - right next to the information about the project, and you can easily restore excluded checks or choose more data to be hidden.


Ability to Run a Daily Monitoring

The work on websites never ends and, with constant changes, it is important to make sure that the modifications are not hurting the website. Some people want to run daily site audit reports to keep a record of the overall health of their site, while others need to make sure a big change is handled correctly. You can now set the scheduled for how often you get these reports. 

SEMrush Site Audit Daily monitoring

Just a quick note about where you can find this setting - it is in the top right corner with all the other info about your project settings.

If you like to know more - check our series of webinars where experienced SEOs review sites submitted by the public using SEMrush Site Audit Tool. 

Thank you note!

We want to send our appreciation to many industry experts that helped us to improve and develop our new reports. Thank you so much for your emails, video calls, LinkedIn messages, posts on the SEMrush blog, feedback and support! The experts that helped us are:

Alex Chris- Digital Marketing Manager at

Aleyda Solis -  International SEO Consultant & Founder at Orainti

Dan Kern - Owner of and

Dawn Anderson - Digital Marketing & International SEO Consultant - CEO and Founder Move It Marketing Digital Agency

Fili Wiese- SEO Consultant at, leading SEO expert and ex-Googler

Guy Levine - CEO and Founder of Return on Digital

Joe Robison - Founder, Consultant at Green Flag Digital

Kaitlin McMichael - Senior International SEO Strategist at Getty Images

Lukasz Zelezny - SEO and Social media speaker and consultant 

Martin Kura - Freelance International SEO Strategist  

Tom Caulton - Digital Growth Specialist, SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing Executive

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