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Mike Isaac

SEMrush Turns 7: What Has Changed

Mike Isaac
SEMrush Turns 7: What Has Changed

With the birthday of SEMrush, I have decided to remind everyone of the changes that SEMrush has experienced within the past year. SEMrush has grown exponentially and with growth comes more tools and features. Here are the major changes that have taken place within the software.


Indian and Japanese Database: Launched back in June, both the Indian and Japanese databases were added to SEMrush. Each of these databases currently carry the top 6 million keywords by search volume in their respective databases.

Mobile US Database/Data: SEMrush launched the Mobile US database back in April as a result of the “Mobilegeddon” Google Update.


Backlinks Comparison: The Backlinks Comparison Tool allows you to compare up to 5 domains at one time. This report will give you a snapshot comparison of 5 domains to show you who is ahead of another from a backlinks standpoint. This tool was released back in September.

Anchors Report: The Anchors report was added to SEMrush back in February. This tool will show you the Anchor text used in a domain’s backlinks, revealing any possible marketing strategies.

SEMrush Page Score: The SEMrush Page Score was added to the Backlinks reports to assist with the authority of individual backlinks. On a scale from 1-100, the higher the number is, the more authority it ultimately has. This was added back in May.

Indexed Pages: The Indexed Pages report was implemented to show users what pages SEMrush has found indexed. This is separate from what Google may have found. This is specifically what SEMrush was able to find through our own sources. This was a report that was added in September.

Video Analytics

The Video Analytics Report was launched just a couple months ago in May to analyze YouTube Video Advertisements. This section will assist you with gathering advertising data on any competitors you may have through Video Advertising. You can search by Channel, Video in which the ad appeared in or by Video Ad.

PLA Research

The Product Listing Ads Report was launched last year in October to provide Google Shopping data. This is a report that is utilized by the e-commerce industry the most. Back in March, we released data gathered for the European, Canadian, Australian and Brazilian databases.


Position Tracking Redesign: In February we released a new design for the Position Tracking tool to give a more updated look to your projects. This included features such as the Top keywords within your Project under the Rankings Distribution tab on the Overview page. You also now see a useful Visibility Trend graph on this page, revealing how visible each domain/competitor is under the keywords added to the project.

Projects Interface: In June we witnessed the addition of the Projects Interface to help you manage all projects on your account. This interface serves to help you manage all your projects in one centralized location. With the implementation of newer tools and with more planned, the projects interface is there to help users navigate more seamlessly through each project.

Site Audit WWW Resolve Issue: This error was added to the Site Audit tool to assist users determining if they had “twin” domains. This will let you know if you have duplicated pages for www and non-www pages. In September of last year, we added the www resolve issue so that users were not being tagged for duplicate pages.

Domain vs. Domain Redesign: The Domain vs. Domain tool was redesigned back in February to show a more visually appealing report to our users. Based on the interface changes we were making all around the tool, these changes were made to become more uniform to those as well as display a more visually appealing tool.

Keyword Difficulty API: After much anticipation, the Keyword Difficulty tool was added to our API for users to start pulling data. Released back in April, the Keyword Difficulty tool added more information to be pulled by our users, further adding to our arsenal of reports and tools.

Site Audit Crawled Pages: Crawled Pages were added to the Site Audit Page Report to show what pages of the website were crawled and reported on by SEMrush. Released back in June, this information was found helpful to understand what issues or pages were identified by SEMrush.

Social Media Tool: Released just last month, this tool assists users in being able to track their competitors' social profiles amongst their own. You can track how well these profiles have been doing in terms of likes, shares, retweets and favorites but you can also track engagement rates and review if social media strategies have been working well for a particular domain.

Custom PDF Report: Also just released last month would be our PDF Report customizer. This allows you to take certain snippets from a particular report and combine it with another one. When conducting reporting, many users would like to combine certain

Business and Corporate Plans

Corporate: Our corporate plans were launched back in December to give our users more power over management and access within those who access their accounts.

SEMrush has vastly grown since last year and the changes above tell it all. You can expect more exciting changes to come for SEMrush and more possibilities for our users.

If you still have questions about any of this information, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at: (855) 814-4510 or by email at mail@semrush.com. You can also contact us on Twitter by using the #semrushcare hashtag.

Mike Isaac

Knows everything… well, almost.

Mike Isaac is the Customer Success Content Manager at SEMrush. He has been working at SEMrush for over 3 years and is constantly pushing out new content to keep users engaged. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.
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