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Elena Terenteva

SEMrush Twitter Chat #2: Content Marketing

Elena Terenteva
SEMrush Twitter Chat #2: Content Marketing

Did you take part in SEMrush’s recent Twitter chat? It was a lot of fun! Our guest expert Adam Connell, along with BuzzSumo and thousands of active participants gave so many content marketing tips, we had to share this treasure trove of information with you!

Enjoy the recap! Follow us on Twitter and use #SEMrushchat for our next Twitter chat.


All participants agreed quality of content has much more influence than quantity. Nobody wants to read boring and repetitive material, especially when there’s a lot of it.

Overall, take your time, do deep topic research and be original!


Get to know what your audience wants — What problems and questions do they have? — and offer them solutions. And if you don’t want to turn your blog into a Q&A site only, get creative! Tony Dimmock shared a couple of helpful links with us:

Well-presented research that solves your readers’ problems is great, for sure. But what about something quick and effective?


Personally, my favorite response came from Adam Connell: ‏"Visuals (memes/quote images), opinion posts (that tip convention on its head) and @Slideshare presentations." We use a lot of visuals and SlideShare presentations on our blog — and it works!

What's another way to create good content without spending too much time on it? Reuse past content. Take a strong article and repurpose it, creating a brand new piece. Which brings us to:

Untitled design 

Here's another great tip from Brandon Seymour‏: "Transcribe videos for some fresh, unique content — also a good way to get your thin video pages indexed."

One question that caused a debate was, How important are keywords in content marketing? Participants shared a lot of opinions, a lot of advice, and a lot of useful articles to offer a deeper understanding of the topic. Take a look:


Here are some more useful links: Adam Connell shared two Problogger articles from Theme Week: “Publish Your Blog Post Without SEO” and “1000s of Visits Will Be Forever Lost.” Also, SEMrush Chat participant Claire shared a link to this Yoast article, “The Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings for WordPress Sites.”

As Adam Connell said right from the start, creating content is just the beginning of the journey. Promoting content — well, that’s where the fun part begins! So our next question was:


I hope this was a useful wrap-up! If you want to be a part of the discussion, share your experiences or ask your own questions, you are welcome to join the next SEMrush chat!

Elena Terenteva

SEMrush employee.

Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies.
Bookworm, poker player, good swimmer.
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