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SEO For Franchises: Where To Focus

Chris Simmance
SEO For Franchises: Where To Focus

A little while ago I wrote an article covering the areas to be wary of from an SEO standpoint. That post covered the areas that can be a cause of visibility constraint or loss. In this article I’ll be talking about the areas that you are more likely to be able to take ownership of and improve your sites visibility online.

It’s pretty safe to assume that a franchisee is targeting a localized group of people and operates within the confines of their area. This means that localizing the site will improve the chances of being visible in localized searches performed.

As I mentioned in the last post, some franchise owners will have different levels of access to make changes to their site. Some will have full access to make changes, others will have limited access and some will have none at all. This means that depending on your level of access there are a few potential areas to focus on. Below are some of these areas:

Full Access

In an ideal world, everyone would have complete access to improve the visibility of their site, if that’s the case, great! You can now start by focusing on crafting relevant localized Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and page content. Update the site with these elements and you’ll have a higher chance of increasing your organic visibility for your main local terms.

Some Access


NAP or more commonly known as Name Address Phone number should be one of the first ports of call if they only have limited access to the sites content. This means that within the site, you should ensure that all pages contain your Localized Business Name, Address and local phone number. This then becomes a big flag to both users and search engines that the franchise is in fact situated in a specific area.

It is also vital that you consider ensuring that your NAP is consistent across all Local Profiles you create (covered later).


Writing articles on your site is a great way to bring traffic and improve the overall visibility of the franchise. These can be shared on social profiles and are a great way to keep the search engine robots coming back to the site. Keeping the content engaging, unique and on message with the products or services will help to bring in new visitors whilst cultivating internal relevance and perhaps internal links on the site. You can add individualization and personality into it too, as well as, where appropriate, localization.


No Access

Local Profiles

If you have no access to make changes or updates to the site your hands aren’t entirely tied. There are plenty of websites out there dedicated to promoting local businesses. Spending time to create local business profiles will allow you to make use of the authority and visibility of the profile sites to promote the franchise through them directly or through any referral opportunities they offer (through a link to your website).

local profiles

These profiles, with all the appropriate local info, will act as off-site flags to a search engine to help highlight the businesses localization.

Social Media

In very much the same way as blogging on the site using social media is a great way to reach a business’s target audience. The franchise owner can inject their own personality into the things they share as well as drive local traffic to their site. It is also a great opportunity for those links that drive traffic to be found by a search engine and followed before crawling the site again.


If you have full access you can work on all of the above areas for maximum effect. If you have limited or no access to the site all is not lost. The franchise website can still receive some quality traffic and become visible for localized terms.

Hopefully this article has given you some good areas to focus on with a franchise website and if there are any areas you’d like to add or any questions add them in the comments section below!

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