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SEO Traffic: Converting Visits to Sales — Twitter Chat #11

Elena Terenteva
SEO Traffic: Converting Visits to Sales — Twitter Chat #11

Is there anything more disappointing than traffic that doesn’t convert into sales? (Well, more false rumors about a "Friends" cast reunion would be more disappointing in my book.)

Anyway, if we can’t bring the best sitcom ever back to life, at least we can analyze our traffic and take steps to raise our conversion rate. What a consolation prize!

Enjoy this recap of SEMrush Twitter Chat #11, “SEO Traffic: Converting Visits to Sales.” It features great tips from our participants and our guest expert Lukasz Zelezny, an amazing SEO specialist and Head of Organic Acquisition at uSwitch.com.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 18.58.14 First of all, let's talk about the basics: organic traffic and how to measure its quality. We all put a lot of effort into driving traffic to our website, and it’s so delightful to see our web presence increasing. But if in your bottom-line results you don’t get any conversions by increasing traffic, you’re doing something wrong. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at other metrics, which will help you to know if you need to rethink your SEO strategy in order to reach higher conversion rates.

And this isn’t even the full list.

These metrics will help you find any gaps in your strategy. For example, if your website traffic is rising, bounce rates are low and time on page is quite high, but your conversion rates are still low, well, congrats, you are really good at producing great content. But, it’s not the type of content your site needs, because it doesn’t convert. “CONVERSIONS should always be the bottom line.” - Brandon Seymour ‏@Beymour When we talk about conversions, we are not just talking about sales.

Also ask yourself this question, What do you consider to be quality traffic? The answer to this question will depend on the goals that you have set. “The way we measure goals depends on how they're defined.” - Brandon Seymour ‏@Beymour http://

If you want to go deeper into the topic - check out this presentation by Lukasz Zelezny: BrightonSEO Effective Visits like a Sirfrom Lukasz Zelezny

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 18.58.22Now this is a good question! Is there a formula for the perfect landing page? We received so many tweets on this question that I’m sure we’ll be able to find the formula for landing pages that convert!

First of all, never underestimate the power of good content. “Words are the first and last thing people pay attention to before deciding to stay or go!” - Ed Leake ‏@EdLeake. So take a closer look at your call-to-actions, headlines and content.

There is nothing more important than a proper call-to-action! All our participants agreed on that.

Headlines will grab a lot of users’ attention. Whether or not your content will be read all depends on the quality of your headline.

And, of course, create content that “answers the question that brought the searcher to your site in the first place” - Ryan Dahlen ‏@RyanDahlen.

Let’s move on to the technical part — creating an environment that helps your users get the information they need.

Great UX really means a lot. Tony Dimmock ‏@Tony_DWM advises SEOS not to forget about A/B testing, and Brandon Seymour ‏@Beymour suggests you keep in mind that “page load time is REALLY important and that “60 percent of ALL traffic comes from mobile devices.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 18.58.29

Now let’s talk about keywords! “We can't dismiss keywords, but we need to broaden our vision for a lasting effort” - Sergio Redondo ‏@sergio_redondo.

First step: find target keywords that can improve conversation rates. How about long-tail keywords?

Use the right metrics when performing keyword research and look beyond volume and competition levels.

Don’t forget that the most important keywords are the ones that come from your existing customers. “Build your keyword list out across the buyer's journey” - Tommy Landry ‏@tommy_landry.

If you want to get more, check out this article by @RossHudgens, "How To Improve Title Tag CTR by 20%+" recommended by Kunle Campbell @KunleTCampbell.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 18.58.36

Untargeted traffic — is it a bad thing? Don’t think so! Well-analyzed, untargeted traffic can bring as much profit as targeted traffic.

If users are not ready to buy immediately, it doesn’t mean that they won’t buy in the future. Every lead can be useful!

If you collect enough information about untargeted traffic, you’ll be able to offer something relevant. New information always leads to new opportunities!

Use marketing automation, which can identify leads and convert them to sales.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 18.58.43

SEOOrganic and paid trafficOrganic

This list of tools was created from tweets by the following participants:

Carlais Pyles ‏@CarlaisP

Lukasz Zelezny ‏@LukaszZelezny

Luke Jordan ‏@LJordanOnline

Matt Banner ‏@BlastYourBlog

Mike Blazer ‏@MikeBlazerX

Niraj Bariya ‏@NirajBariya

ThinkSEM ‏@ThinkSEM

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 18.58.52

Sharing experiences — what could be better? Of course, not everything that works for other market players is going to work for you, but you can at least get some new ideas and inspiration!


We hope you enjoyed the chat! Join us this Wednesday at 11 a.m. (EST) for the next one. Use #semrushchat and follow along!

If you want to get more SEO news - please, follow Top 20 most active participants with tweets that made the highest impact !

Lukasz Zelezny @LukaszZelezny


Adam Dince @AdamDince

Dawn Anderson @dawnieando

Tony Dimmock @Tony_DWM

Aleksej Heinze @AleksejHeinze

Thom Craver @thomcraver

Ancita Satija @ancitasatija

Mike Blazer@MikeBlazerX

Nilesh Shukla @nileshshukla_

Digital Mktg Inst @dmigroup

Deepanshu Gahlaut @DpanshuGahlaut

Kunle Campbell @KunleTCampbell

Carrie Morgan @morgancarrie

Tommy Landry @tommy_landry

Ann Smarty @seosmarty

Angie Schottmuller @aschottmuller

Eduardo Croissier @ecroissier

MB Consulting NJ @seonow

Elena Terenteva

SEMrush employee.

Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies.
Bookworm, poker player, good swimmer.
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Tina Simagala

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

I haven't been able to participate, but I'm really thankful for inviting me. #semrushchat has a lot to offer and for sure I can get a lot of information with regards to digital marketing and SEO. Again thanks a bunch! ^_^
Elena Terenteva

SEMrush employee.

Tina Simagala
Hope to see you this week!
Luke Jordan

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Thanks again for a great chat, and for including me throughout this post also.

#semrushchat is my favourite part of the Twitter week!
Kathleen Garvin

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

Luke Jordan
Thanks, Luke! See you Wednesday!

Occasionally takes part in conversations.

Hey @Semrush,

Thank you once again for mention ! #Semrushchat is really amazing platform where marketers can learn lots of things regarding SEO and implement it. This was my 3rd chat session and looking forward to some more sessions. Thank you once again for mention and embedding my tweet.
Kathleen Garvin

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

Niraj Bariya
Thanks for the feedback, Niraj! See you tomorrow.

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