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From Simple Concatenation to an AdWords-Ready CSV Import File

Sergio Aicardi
From Simple Concatenation to an AdWords-Ready CSV Import File

When a new client comes into my marketing company, the race is on to either restructure an existing AdWords account or create a brand new AdWords account. If you read this SEMrush blog post from last summer, I explained how I was able to build a keyword generator tool to neatly organize a bunch of long tail keywords into groups of related search terms which could then be used for ad groups in an AdWords campaign.

By filling in just a few fields that are made to accept keyword ideas and variations (along with some location data), the Excel tool I created (which I’ve lately started calling the “keyword magic tool”) using concatenation would seamlessly create tons of organized keywords as shown in the screen shot after the jump.

Continue reading to learn how I've updated the tool, and how it can save you time and help you make more money.


Since I created the first version of this tool I’ve done a ton of updates that all basically end up doing the same thing: SAVE TIME.

In my humble opinion, time is the most valuable commodity known to mankind. This is why I created the tool in the first place. I was tired of always relying on SEM tools that generally never report on low search volume keywords that we as SEOs and PPCs know convert the best. For those who know me, I have a knack for constantly optimizing everything. As such, I’ve continued to optimize this tool.

Optimizing Everything — What’s New With The Tool?

A few things have changed since the last time I wrote about it. Some of these “updates” include being able to incorporate broad match modified keywords for each group as a second set of duplicate keywords. I tend to use this duplicate set and bid a bit differently on any keywords with modifiers. I also have the ability to use phrase and exact now (automatically with formulas).


Additionally, I’ve started to collect copies of these filled-out templates, so when I get a new client that’s in the same industry but in a different area, I can save more time (since we are servicing SMBs on a national level this happens often).


Having this tool and library of templates has saved me thousands of hours and the accounts that I use this tool for always seem to perform really well because I’m able to seamlessly create new campaigns/ad groups on a regular basis with ease and more important FAST. There are a ton of other great features that I’ve incorporated but are not ready to be promoted just yet… :) Stay tuned to the SEMrush blog for more details!

Sneak Peak of What's to Come: AdWords Campaign Builder Tool!

The most recent update that was made to this tool which I would like to mention is the ability to generate an AdWords-ready CSV import file.

Now, as you can imagine, there are more than just a few concatenations going on and certainly extra fields/columns to fill it, but the tool is what I like to call “magical” for a PPC manager. I’ve been able to create national campaigns covering ad groups for every city in the country in less than 72 hours with such granularity and an exorbitant about of LTKWs that it would blow your mind. See screen shots below.

National Campaign Strategy Automation For Local Service Based Businesses

We recently used this tool to build a new AdWords account with one campaign for every city in the country. Each campaign contains roughly 10 ad groups which are related to keyword themes and appropriately included “city-specific” keywords + ads.


For those of you who have been fortunate enough to work on national multimillion dollar campaigns, you know that managing these types of accounts and creating them can be a very daunting task. Saving time by automating things that should be automated is key if you want to be an efficient campaign manager. If you work for a company as an account manager you will get more done in a shorter amount of time, and if you run an agency, this tool will allow you to spend more time improving ROI rather than setting up campaigns manually.

The granularity of the accounts we build using this method provide astonishing conversion rates and ROAS for our clients. We will be sharing many case studies and speaking more about this tool in the near-future.

Have questions about the tool? Leave some comments below or connect with me via social!

Update: Access Sergio Aicardi's Keyword Research Worksheet

Interested in learning more about this tool? Join Sergio Aicardi for an upcoming SEMrush webinar, "4 Ways to Hack AdWords Success with Effective Keyword Groups." Learn how to serve more clients for higher revenues and allocate more time towards bigger and better things! The webinar takes place Tuesday, February 17, at 12 p.m. (EST). Register today!

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Sergio Aicardi is the owner of The Miami SEO Company and lives in sunny South Florida. He offers consulting to many marketing companies in Miami and business owners alike. His responsibilities include developing business relationships and optimizing internal processes to ensure the business is constantly growing, while constantly enhancing the quality of services rendered.
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Sergio Aicardi
Thank you for attending today's webinar everyone! I look forward to more informative webinars with the SEMRush team and audience! Knowledge is power!
Could not attend webinar but anxiously awaiting the video post. Blog post is great and just what I was looking for.
The webinar was very informative and I was finally able to download the spreadsheet. My only question is how do we access the free 30 day trial offer for SEMrush Guru for attending the webinar?
Kathleen Garvin
Here you are, Lowe:
Kathleen Garvin
Kathleen Garvin
Hey everyone! Our Marketing Director made that announcement a little prematurely :) The post is now updated with the link (at the bottom). Look forward to your thoughts, and thanks for attending today's webinar!
Chuck Cramer
Loved the webinar, lots of great info! Looking forward to working with the CSV file.
Kathleen Garvin
Chuck Cramer
Updated - you can find it at the bottom of the post. :)
Sharon Hogans
He provided this page but I can't see any download links .
Hey there - that was an excellent webinar. Unfortunately - I am not able to find the link on this page to actually download the spreadsheet. Please advise as to where I can acquire this spreadsheet. I'd love to play around with it. Thanks!
I'm having the same problem. Is there a download link somewhere?
Kathleen Garvin
Shane Q
Updated - at the bottom :) Have fun!
Kathleen Garvin
Kathleen Garvin
Sure thing!

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