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Simple Web Design Trends That Instantly Click

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Simple Web Design Trends That Instantly Click

Lisa Smith
Simple Web Design Trends That Instantly Click

For those seeking to update their website's looks beyond SEO, you must continue your education into the art of web designing and how it effects the user experience. Over the years, the web design arena has been peppered with new trends and latest techniques to adapt to the user experience and expectations. Some of these trends clicked instantly whereas the others were quite forgettable.

The internet started off as a simple platform to share content with readers, it went on to become a place where companies could interact with their customers and inform them about the new developments, interact with them, and learn from them! Trends are insights to how users will want to use websites in the near future and can predict what they will want from brands. This is especially important for business-to-business websites!

However, despite new trends, there have been some old trends that still continue to make their presence felt, thanks to their popularity. Take a look at what trends you will see pop up every year!

Terrific typography

There is one font which was widely praised by the audience in the previous decades due to its neat curls and spectacular look, although it has also gained an infamous reputation for its overuse in the professional workplace.

You have three guesses to figure out what font we're talking about.

(And your first two guesses don't count!)

Though over the years, Comic Sans still continues to be loved by many people. However, there is a wide variety out there waiting for you and may suit your business more than your first choice.

Web designing experts believe that people look for varied typography to enhance their brand and showcase a little of the brand's personality. Check out the following resources to find the perfect typography set for your business to give your business an updated look for 2016.

Animated GIFs

During the earlier days of internet and website designing, most designers followed an identical pattern and used clipart animated GIFs to decorate their sites. These animations were a never-seen-before concept and were immediately lapped up by the audience. With the advent of technology and high-speed internet, these animations were replaced with more distinctive animated images, clipped video gifs, and more.


Email marketing still uses this method to make their emails look interesting and interactive. However, one thing that should be kept in mind it that the size of these should be small and a limited number of frames should be used. This would ensure that the presence of these animations won't compromise the loading speed of the website. 

SEO tip: Google loves websites that have a quick loading speed!

Pre-loader screens

Internet users are exceptionally impatient and can’t stand websites that load slowly. This is not good news for websites that make use of heavy duty animation and HD images! Keeping this in mind, web designers came up with a fantastic design trend called a pre-loader screen.

This made use of some light animation which would keep the user enamored and give the landing page enough time to load. After high-speed internet was introduced in most countries, this idea was not required. However, there are still a number of websites that make use of these patterns to keep the users guessing and pique their interest. Many businesses have used this for mobile websites as well.

Stock photography

This is one thing that never seems to go out of vogue! Companies believe that using images of real people makes their websites look more credible - there is no doubt in this.

But please, use high-quality stock images! The stock images of loving, happy families, cool group of friends, handshakes, walks down the beaches etc have been done to death.

stock-photography-web-design-trendsNone of these, please!

Although stock photography will never go out of fashion, web designers are more likely to use less than perfect looking people to add more credibility to their designs.


Flat and minimalistic web designs that are mobile-ready are the need of the hour. But try to add some personality to your brand and keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant and modern! There is no need for boring web design when you can include some flavor such as eye-catching typography, gifs, and relevant photography!

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Cyrel Panelo Nicolas
As technology nowadays increases, some websites really need upgrade or at least adapt new trends in it but if a company wants to update their website, they must also see to it that it wont affect its SEO. These web design trends actually are still helpful until today but they also need to consider that unique and relevant contents are important and can also make a website click to prospective clients.

Thanks for this informative article!

Cyrel Nicolas from http://resultdrivenseo.com.au