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Six Reports To Show Your Boss

Mike Isaac
Six Reports To Show Your Boss

I am sure you have run into this problem before. You have found data you would like to present to your client but you are not sure what to show them. You may even be struggling to show your superiors how the work you have been conducting has been paying off. It can get quite difficult sometimes to get this information across to someone and it helps when you have a visual way of displaying your work.

Instead of trying to create some type of report using Excel or Numbers, try using some of the reports we have on SEMrush instead. Here are 6 great reports that you can show your clients, potential clients and bosses.

Domain Overview

The Domain Overview is a great report to show off. This report will display how a domain is performing in multiple facets including Organic Search, Advertising Search, Backlinks, Display Advertising as well as Video Advertising. Basically, this serves as an online profile of any given domain to show where they stand throughout the Internet. Useful information such as average monthly search volume, top keywords for organic and paid search, branded vs. non branded keywords, organic and paid competitors and much more can be found in this single report.

Each section (Organic Research, Advertising Research, Backlinks, etc.) will be broken down further as you move down this report. Data such as keyword position distribution and follow vs. no follow backlinks will be displayed in charts that will serve as a great visual. This can be very helpful for those who are trying to find potential clients. This will tell you where a potential client stands through all of these outlets.

Because of the way we get our data, some domains may not show up for any data (for more on this, please click here). However, the great thing about this is that it can be used as a selling point. When a domain does not show up for information, this means that the domain does not rank within the top 20 results organically for the keywords in our system OR ranking within the top 11 positions through paid search for the keywords in our system. This gives you a way of telling the potential client “Look, you are not ranking for any of the top 40 million keywords within the top positions. Let me help you get there.”

Site Audit Overview/Compare Crawls

If you decide to create a project for a domain, you can then set up a Site Audit report. If you are unfamiliar with our Site Audit tool, this informs you of any errors, warnings and notices facing the given website. These can vary from an issue such as URLs being too long to internal links being broken. The Site Audit tool provides your project with an overall health score based on the issues that SEMrush finds with the given domain. This health score is reflective on how healthy search engines see this domain.

This report can serve useful for both current and potential clients. By creating a Site Audit project for a potential client, you can then export a PDF report of the overview page and show them how healthy their website currently is. If they are not currently using an agency, they may have a low score which would give your business more leverage. It is also possible that the domain does work with an agency, giving them more of a reason to choose your business.

You can also use this for current clients to show how you have been improving their site over time. By navigating to the Compare Crawls report within the Site Audit tool, you can choose a date frame to analyze and display how the given domain’s site has changed through the selected timeframe.

Advertising/Organic Positions

There are many businesses that are not too sure on exactly where they stand when it comes to an online presence. Some people even run AdWords campaigns and STILL do not know what their online visibility is. By using the Advertising or Organic Positions report, you can show your potential clients where they stand visibly online. This will also show the keywords bringing in the most traffic for the domain. This can provide insight into certain keywords that you may want to start targeting based on the search volume of the keywords the domain is ranking for.

Also, this can be a great report to use to show the visibility of your competitors. You can show the top keywords bringing in the most traffic for your competitors to your boss to show what keywords you may want to start considering in your SEO/PPC campaign.

Backlinks Overview

A big part of keeping your website up to date and healthy is to audit your backlinks. By using the Backlinks Overview report, you will be able to see a backlink profile of your queried domain. This will tell you how many top level domains (.gov, .edu, .com, .net, and .org) are linking to the domain you searched. This can also show you if the domain is showing the symptoms of a healthy backlink profile. This can determine if a particular website is in need of a link building strategy.

Position Tracking Overview

This may not be practical for potential clients but when it comes to reporting for your clients and bosses, the Position Tracking Overview will be your best friend. With the Position Tracking Overview, you can display how your ranking has changed for the keywords you are targeting in your campaign over a given time frame. This will help when you want to show, for example, how your efforts have changed your client’s or your company’s domain since you took over their online marketing efforts. You can then visually display how you have grown their online presence.

My Reports

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.17.18 PMSEMrush just recently launched the PDF Builder tool, which allows you to take fragments of various reports into one. You may hold a position that focuses on both Organic Research and Backlinks, which you cannot simply get in one report. By using the PDF Builder you can now select different parts of a report and combine them to include the information you are looking for. This can then be organized to send your clients to display your progress.

If you have anything you wish to display dealing with Organic Research, Advertising Research, Display Advertising or Backlinks, you can use this builder to put together any type of report you wish.

Through SEMrush, you can find multiple facets that will assist you with keeping your clients informed and keeping your bosses happy. Even if you have multiple outlets you focus on for a particular company, you can craft reports to reflect your work. You got the tools, now go out there and impress your bosses and grab some more clients!

Do you have any other reports you use for reporting within SEMrush that are not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!

If you still have questions about any of this information, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at: (855) 814-4510 or by email at [email protected]. You can also contact us on Twitter by using the #semrushcare hashtag.

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Mike Isaac is the Customer Success Content Manager at SEMrush. He has been working at SEMrush for over 3 years and is constantly pushing out new content to keep users engaged. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.
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Elena Terenteva
I also love Domain vs Domain! I noticed that some SEOs use DvsD chart report to convince their new clients that they need some boost, because with DvsD website owners can easily see how much keywords their competitor's rank for and they are not.
Mike Isaac
Elena Terenteva
Thanks for sharing Elena! This is one of the reports I left off here but I totally agree with you. Another great use for the Domain vs. Domain tool is that website owners can see keywords their competitors are ranking organically for that they are not bidding on or ranking organically for. These may be keywords that they want to start targeting in their AdWords campaigns.
Elena Terenteva
Mike Isaac
You really should write something about it :)
Mike Isaac
Elena Terenteva
stay tuned :)