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SMB Issues: Why Isn’t My Website Showing Up on Google?

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SMB Issues: Why Isn’t My Website Showing Up on Google?

Mike Hall
SMB Issues: Why Isn’t My Website Showing Up on Google?

Every day, people are searching for small to medium size businesses exactly like yours. But have you taken the right steps to make sure your website will be found on Google searches?

More on this 40 Technical SEO Mistakes — SEMrush Study Post Elena Terenteva How to Deal with Content and SEO When You Run a Small Business: SEMrush Solution Post Alexandra Nekrasova Online Marketing for a Small Business: SEMrush Solutions Ebook Aug 09, 2017 SEO techniques will be your best bet to have your website show on Google. You don't need to be an expert in SEO, but understanding why you have these issues will help your website performance improve!

If your website is not appearing in searches, there are several reasons why this could be the case. This article covers some of the most common causes and steps you can take to resolve them. 

Search engines have not yet indexed your website

Test to see if your website has been indexed by searching for its exact URL or domain name with no other words. (ex: or

Sometimes it takes a week or more for a search engine to notice your website. This is because your website is new and doesn't have any inbound links. If your website has inbound links, then Google is likely to find it sooner. Crawlers follow that link and it leads them to your website which they index.

You can easily index your website on Google; even you can re-submit your website every time you make a change. This activity will keep Google in the loop about important updates only to make sure that the latest version of your website is accurately indexed.

Your keyword market is highly competitive

Once you have established that your website has been crawled and indexed, getting the search results you want is the next big step with great time and effort. A keyword for your website can be a single word or a short phrase of up to four or five words and needs to be relevant to what your website is about.

Optimize your website for your targeted keywords! Target a less competitive keyword market to gain the highest attention of your consumer.

Not using relevant content on your website

Create a business blog to announce new content on your website. Keep updating it with content that would be relevant to your target audience and ensure it's well-written and high-quality. Create high quality content that's SEO friendly by following these steps, while making sure all posts are relevant and specific to the services you are providing. Great image content can be the most interesting way to generate traffic.

The sooner you can get links to new content, the sooner Google will index it. 

Your website has been removed from Google

Google may temporarily and permanently remove websites from its index and search results. Here are the different ways Google may remove your website from search results:

  • De-indexed
  • Penalized
  • Sandboxed

If you receive a notification that your website violates its quality guidelines, you can modify your website to meet these guidelines and then submit your site for reconsideration to Google.

No content on your home page

Unfortunately, search engines are blind. On websites where there are beautiful pictures and videos, search engines cannot see the beautiful view from your waterfront rooms, its specifications are highly required.  

Add some content with some keyword-rich copy and then link those words to the pages on your website where they can find more information.

Not using meta-tags to add more keywords

Use meta-tags to add more keywords - Why isn’t my website showing up on Google?Use meta-tags to add more keywords

Meta-tags are hidden codes. Visitors of the website don’t see them but the Google search engine “bots” that scan your website will pick them up. Your web designer can add these meta-tags to your website or you can do it by yourself if you have a web design program or you are well known with the HTML coding.

You should add no less than 10 meta-tags and have no more than 20.

Your website has not been optimized

SEO (Search engine optimization) can be a challenging and a rather lengthy process. By optimizing your website, you can tailor your website to be search engine friendly. If you will put more research into the practice, you will see an increasing return in your rankings.

Everyone needs his or her website to rank on the first page. For this, you need to employ search engine optimization and SEO strategies to improve your website ranking.

You can get your website show up on Google with these useful tips:

1. Conduct a thorough SEO audit

  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization
  • Keyword selection

2. Add keywords to your website content

3. Use meta-tags to add more keywords

4. Find keywords that aren’t overly competitive

5. Seek out backlinks

6. Create a listing for your site on Google My Business

7. Have content that is relevant to your business

8. Analyze your technical SEO

It's crucial that business owners learn about SEO to improve their online presence.

Once you have optimized your website to get to the first page of Google, you don't stop — SEO always needs to be monitored and managed!

What issues have you faced when trying to optimize your SMB website? Share in the comments below!

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Mike Hall is the Sr. Marketing Manager of Clap Creative, an "outsourced newsroom" that designs and executes content marketing strategy for its clients. He spent a long, long time working in award-winning newsrooms, and has worked in public relations and marketing for almost 7 years.
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thank you.
This is The website which i am working on www(dot)loksabhaelections(dot)in and i am also facing the same problem , can anyone please just check the issue with the it, Because it keeps on disappearing from google search results page after firing the query , and to make it reappear i need to fetch the website
Suraj Kumar
Hello friends, I'm very upset, my website [link removed by moderator] suddenly disappear from google and yahoo search engine. I had got a message in google webmaster regarding hreflang error, that I had fixed 2 weeks ago. Now there is no any error in webmaster.
Can anyone help me with this problem?
why my website is not in the google index
I checked my URL and its show up on google search, but when i search for the specific KW it never show up, this is when my particular KW was shown up well on the 3rd page of google since last 6 month.

What are the possibilities for me to get this back to the index and searches? I checked the YOAST and the page is on INDEX mode.

Any help / tips / are greatly appreciated.
Is robots.txt necessary to get indexed website's all pages? I have not uploaded this file because I do not want to disallowed bot to index any page. [link removed by moderator]
i'm also not getting adsense approval. 11 to 12 times google rejected my website for adsense.
[link removed by moderator] is my website. only 7 to 8 pages come under google top search results. but rest of page not showing in google search results. with the 7 to 8 pages my daily visitor is 400+, i cheked indexing of page also. all page are index very well. but still no search result in google search, even though it is not showing in 10 to 20 search list in google. what is the problem? can anyone help me.
My website is working but when i checked my website after 15 hours on google, the site is not in Google search. Please help me.
You forgot, a website also need backlinks either interlink or from other websites.

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