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SEMrush Social Media Events Calendar 2019

November 20, 2018

social media events calendar 2019

For community or social media managers, it can be a real struggle to keep up with all the events, holidays and meaningful days that matter to your target audience. So we created a calendar that you can use to keep up and plan your marketing campaigns ahead of time.

Our calendar allows you to filter the events by category to help you build exceptional thematic and occasion-based campaigns. Add a bit of fun to your marketing activities with the SEMrush Social Media Events Calendar 2019!

P.S. If you feel there is some great event we have overlooked, please let us know in the comments below, and we will gladly add it to our calendar!

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Hugh Beaulac
Yay! It's high time to create SMM content plan. Thanks for the calendar :)
Tuiana Banz
Hugh Beaulac
Hey Hugh,

Glad you find it helpful =)
RSoft Technologies
At first thanks for sharing such kind of great article, I learned lot from your content. I always prefer and appreciate this type of post which is really beneficial for the people. I really enjoyed reading your blog .Nice article! Great information about.These tips are very helpful to me. I will definitely be coming back here more often.Thanks a lot for taking your time to share this amazing post with us. At the same time All of the posts on your blog are having informative and valuable content. Once again thanks for putting out such content.
Max Sokolov
Agree with Andrew & Naved, having a country or at least continent filter would really come in handy. Also, do you plan to add some big movies/series/games release dates?
Tuiana Banz
Max Sokolov
Hi Max,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will definitely consider it! Yes, we were thinking about adding release dates. These would have to be for global premiers though since the calendar contains global events
Daniela Shams
Come on! Give me a break. On a page about Seo I don't need a calendar for Grammy and Fashion week. Let me know when you collect dates about Seo topics in Europe. Will be appreciated, thanks Daniela
Tuiana Banz
Daniela Shams
Hi Daniela,
Our blog covers all areas of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and so on. Why don’t you check out our Ultimate Calendar of Digital Marketing Events? There you can find information about upcoming SEO conferences in Europe and other countries as well.
Hope this helps! =)
It would have been great if the list was made country wise, Everyone would have been benefited from it.

Anyways, appreciate it :)
Andrew N.J.
It would be nice to have some regional holidays and events for local SMM managers: you select a country and get a local event calendar. Any chance you'll make something like this in the future?

Great job anyhow, thank you! :)
Tuiana Banz
Andrew N.J.
Hi Andrew,

Thanks so much for your suggestion, we’ll definitely take note of it!
Niranjan  patel
this calendar is very helpful, Thank you
The best calendar mow is vary most in bangla desh so nice
Tuiana Banz
Thank you, Nayme! I'm glad that you find our calendar helpful.

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