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Social Media Case Study: Gianluca Vacchi Helps Bank of Georgia Go Global

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Social Media Case Study: Gianluca Vacchi Helps Bank of Georgia Go Global

This post is in English
Nadia Nazarova
This post is in English
Social Media Case Study: Gianluca Vacchi Helps Bank of Georgia Go Global

Who is the Bank of Georgia and why should you care about its marketing campaigns? Let us explain.

Two days after launch, their campaign went absolutely viral across the Web, reaching over two million views in no time. Unlike other businesses, the Bank of Georgia didn’t use trivial advertising techniques like cat or baby videos. They acted smarter. 

On December 26, the Bank of Georgia launched its “Orange Santa” campaign, depicting Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian millionaire, Instagram celebrity and lifestyle blogger.

Gianluca has over 7.2 million followers on Instagram and is renowned as the “dancing businessman” in a series of hilarious videos with his soulmate Giorgia Gabrielle.

We at SEMrush couldn’t help but highlight the sensational effect Gianluca’s presence had on this campaign! With the help of our Social Media Tracker, we analyzed the campaign’s social media performance on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In just two days, the Bank of Georgia received:

  1. Worldwide attention.
  2. Audience and engagement growth across all social channels.
  3. A massive PR effect.

Worldwide attention

Most of the campaign’s audience is obviously in Georgia. Other countries, such as the USA, Germany, Turkey and Italy, also showed a huge amount of interest in the ad, as you can see from the map below. If the Bank of Georgia ever decides to go global, they definitely have solid grounds for it.

Audience and engagement growth across all social channels

In just one day, the Bank’s total audience grew by 7487 people across all channels:

PR effect

This advertising campaign has generated a huge PR effect: it’s being mentioned by famous bloggers and mass media from all over the Web. 

The conclusion speaks for itself: if you ever decide to go global, team up with Instagram celebrities and watch your brand reputation soar like never before!

Try the SEMrush Social Media Tracker to keep an eye on your social media efforts by tracking your audience’s activity, engagement and mentions, as well as mentioners.

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