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Social Media On The Go: Apps Every Marketer Needs

Emmelie De La Cruz
Social Media On The Go: Apps Every Marketer Needs

If you are anything like most social media marketers I know, you spend most of your time simultaneously creating, posting and measuring the effectiveness of content.

In a perfect world, we would all love to have our content planned out in advance. But with the speed of the Internet, that isn’t always possible. No matter how many editorial calendars, content planning templates and meetings we have, there are some occasions that you can’t plan for. We have to be ready to engage and take advantage of opportunities at a moment's notice.

Below are the apps that are worth sacrificing some iPhone storage space for, which allow me to keep the content creation going, even if I'm not near a computer.


If you have ever wondered how those images with those beautiful typography overlays happen, it is probably thanks to the WordSwag app. This app allows you to instantly create beautiful shareable images with quotes, announcements or calls-to-action.

You can edit the background, search for free stock imagery and set the colors and fonts to your liking. In a few minutes you can edit one of the typography templates to create a quality image that looked like your designer spent time making.


Static images can get lost on Instagram. For content that packs a bit more punch and has the wow factor you need to boost those likes, I had my heart set on creating videos.

I Googled for a solid hour trying to find a program, app or website that would allow me to create videos and GIFs with animated text. Legend is the ultimate app to create videos with moving typography. You simply plug in your text, choose an animation style, color combination, and background and the app takes care of formatting and animating. It then prompts you to share the image on the web, social media, or send it to your friends as a video.


This app is all about automation. It helps you manage your social media following more strategically, whether it’s for your own personal brand or your company.

You can keep a close eye on who follows you, who has unfollowed you and who doesn’t follow you back. If you are interested in engaging potential followers, you can use the “Copy followers” feature to engage people who follow accounts similar to yours.

The real value of this app is the Instagram functionality. Scheduling Instagram posts is a function that is necessary for marketers on the go. The “Take-off” feature does just this by scheduling Instagram posts and optimize them with hashtags  and time of posting.


A new favorite I’m getting into and learning tons about. Periscope humanizes your brand and allows you to give your audience that insider access we all seek. Reality television is popular for a reason, and Periscope allows us to film our own little reality series right from our phones. It decreases the need for perfectionism since it’s live, and allows you to test content.


An alternative to Zapier, If This Then That, allows you to automate many marketing and social media activities to help you work smarter. It connects your favorite tools through recipes so that one action in a service triggers another action in a different service. An Instagram picture can be posted as a photo on Twitter, a blog post can be sent to your Buffer feed or you can get a text anytime someone mentions you, to just name a few.

My favorite recipe is getting an email when someone posts on Instagram using our hashtag. This allows me to engage with them right away and make our community feel connected. Buffer was gracious enough to put together a whole list of recipes for social media that you can check out here.


Full disclosure, I work for SumAll, but the free app is essential for me when I am traveling and can’t dive into our reports. A quick glance at the app and I can get a sense of how we are doing on social media for the week or that day with various stats for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Analytics.

Knowing what’s working and what isn’t working is essential for a successful social media strategy, and I like the ability of being able to make tweaks to my content on the go with my data readily accessible to inform me. What are some of your favorite apps? Let me know in the comment section!

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Emmelie De La Cruz is speaker, trainer and consultant in the areas of social media and personal branding. Through her workshops, she teaches young professionals how to use social media strategically and how to develop a digital identity that will help them climb the career ladder faster. When she’s not working with clients, she’s managing social media and marketing efforts at SumAll, named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2015. Meet Emmelie on Twitter (@EmmelieDeLaCruz) or learn more at thebrandingmuse.com
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Nice Article, Emmelie. None of these I have ever used before, so I loaded them up to play with them on iOS. Probably a bad idea as I have lots to get done this week.

Now if only SEMrush had an App, my life would be complete.
Rob Wilson
Haha I understand the struggle Robby. I spend too much time (and iPhone storage space) on these apps, but they make my job much easier. Glad you found the article helpful.