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Spring European SEO Events That You Shouldn’t Miss Next Year

Anastasia Sidko
Spring European SEO Events That You Shouldn’t Miss Next Year

A good expert never stops learning or sharing their knowledge. And you cannot beat the market just by sitting in your office; the most valuable revelations and experiences you get through meeting and communicating with like-minded people. Industry events are among the best ways to gain inspiration from the smartest minds, to network with potential partners and, of course, to meet the ones you’re working for – your audience.

SEMrush never misses a chance to become a part of conferences and events in the field, and we would like to share our impressions of those we’ve attended this spring.



We began our event marathon in April with a huge marketing conference, BrightonSEO, one of the most popular and respected digital marketing events in Europe. This year, the event took place on an even larger scale, gathering more than 2,000 marketing experts and the most awesome speakers to bring SEO knowledge to the world.

SEMrush’s brand manager Alexandra Tachalova did her part with a presentation “Proactive Competitive Intelligence or “Where the *^%&# Should I Find the Data?!” Alexandra commented that it was the biggest BrightonSEO conference she’d ever had a chance to attend.


One of the most remarkable moments was the presentation by Simon Penson, which was dedicated to the content-driven approach based on analyzing the audience and figuring personas. We’d like to share with you slides and a transcript of his speech "The Head Term Is Dead." Another impressive presentation was made by Ian Miller, who spoke about the importance of context for digital marketing. You can find the slides from his talk here.

Why you need to visit this event next year: 

  • BrightonSEO is the biggest SEO event in Europe, moreover – it’s free of charge
  • You’ll find a truly targeted audience there, including SEO specialists and representatives from digital marketing agencies
  • The event not only gathers the brightest speakers, but also presents the freshest and the most actionable content
  • BrightonSEO provides incredible networking opportunities for business

Marketing Week Live


Our next stop was Marketing Week Live in London – a large event bringing together marketing specialists from different industries. Nothing can be more insightful for a brand than meeting the famous experts, competitors and potential customers face-to-face, acquiring new knowledge and sharing experiences. We were deeply inspired by the possibility of interacting with so many visitors and seeing their interest in what we’re doing!


Why you need to visit this event next year: 

  • Marketing Week Live is aimed at a wide audience, so the reach is very big – which makes it easy to improve brand awareness and generate leads
  • It features top marketing experts and leading brands
  • The event is well organized
  • There are a lot of interactive stands showcasing different brands and companies



In May, SEMrush supported SEO and the digital marketing conference Ungagged 2015. The Ungagged team did an incredible job gathering the very best speakers in Europe, who shared their exciting and inspiring insights. Just mentioning speakers like Aleyda Solis, Bastian Grimm and Marcus Tandler is enough to speak to the level of this conference. SEMrush was excited to be a part of Ungagged with the presentation “The Truth is Out There: Finding the Most Reliable Tools and Data,” given by Alexandra Tachalova.

Alexandra shared her impressions of the most memorable speeches, the ones made by Aleyda Solis and Lukasz Zelezny. Aleyda’s talk was dedicated to international SEO, and what made her presentation truly stand out was that she revealed some technical pitfalls. She has also shared an awesome tool for generating hreflang tags for different languages.


Lukasz provided great insights on the right strategy for measuring website visits. In most cases, digital marketing experts focus only on the total number of visits, while one should pay attention to effective visits. Effective visits are calculated from the number of visits who stayed on a page and did something. So you need to divide your visits in two tiers and then you'll be able to easily measure the results of your activity.

Why you need to visit this event next year:

No one can describe the event better than those who were a part of it:

Learn Inbound


This spring, we were also glad to support the largest inbound marketing event in Dublin Learn Inbound. To get some insights into the actionable tactics and strategies that were discussed, you can watch presentations of the world leading experts Bryan Adams, Kieran Flanagan and Richard Baxter here.


Why you need to visit this event next year: 

  • You will get the opportunity to learn from the leading industry experts
  • Learn Inbound is an good platform for building new business connections

Stay tuned and join SEMrush at future marketing events to jump-start your ideas and inspiration!

What are your favorite European SEO events? Let us know in the comments!

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Anastasia Sidko, Content Manager at SEMrush. I have four years of experience in content creation and public relations. My areas of interest include SEO, digital marketing and content marketing.
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