Startup Marketing Conference: Wrap-Up & Slides

Kathleen Garvin
Startup Marketing Conference: Wrap-Up & Slides

Startup Marketing Conference 2014 is in the bag!

Our own U.S. Director of Marketing, Michael Stricker, spoke at the fall event in San Francisco two weeks ago. He presented on "The Future of Search: Drive Big Profits with Competitive Intelligence" alongside seasoned Internet marketer, Jamie Smith.

Both men spoke about organic and paid search engine marketing for startups earlier in the month for a joint webinar. You can watch that video here.

To see the slides from Michael's presentation at Startup Marketing Conference, continue reading after the jump.

Kent Lewis, President of Anvil Media, live-blogged the event. Here's a portion of what he wrote about Michael's presentation*:

In the second to last session of the day, Michael Stricker, Director of Marketing for SEMrush, stepped up to discuss competitive intelligence and search marketing. The first topic Stricker covered understands the value of organic traffic and how to put a dollar value on it ... as a customer, I can tell you it is a powerful competitive intelligence tool. ... He cited Patel’s generously detailed blog posts with insights, most recently on how he grew traffic 74 percent with his latest startup."

And now, here are Michael's slides:

Did you attend Startup Marketing Conference? If so, I want to hear your thoughts on the event in the comments!

*Ed note: Slightly edited for clarity.

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