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Steps On How to Be An Author Google Loves: Part 2

Dave Ken

This post continues from yesterday's post: Steps On How to Be An Author Google Loves: Part 1.

Google likes it when you introduce others to resources.

The aim for you is to become a trusted author for your audience and Google. Make sure you are introducing the audience to other helpful resources that support your topic and help them understand something better.

Tell your readers how you found particular content useful. Remember, even Google is monitoring the links you are mentioning in your content. If you are helping people with resourceful content, it’s good for your future prospects of ranking in the search engine.

Here's how you lay the trap with SEO. 

Well, it’s not a trap in the true sense. However, it is a pitch to show Google that you are the best author as far as your industry is concerned. For this purpose, there is a three-step approach that could lead Google to follow you:

  • Create killer content consistently: The content should be valuable and provide a real solution to a problem. The following are the qualities of killer content.

1. The content should be findable: It should be easily tracked by your audience for relevant keywords on Google. 2. The content should be usable: It should be resourceful to an extent that the audience or other industry leaders would think of using the data in their own works. 3. The content should be shareablePropel your audience to share content with unique value. 4. The content should be actionable: Make sure you have a proper call-to-action (CTA) at appropriate places. 5. The content should be reportable: All efforts should be measurable so that the final report can provide the exact status and gaps to be looked after.

  • On-page optimization: It’s the game of keywords. This is the vital factor that will attract Google and the audience toward you. Have the keywords in the following elements:
    • Exhaustive keyword research
    • Title tag
    • External links anchor text
    • Internal links anchor text
    • The H1 headline tag
    • The root domain name
  • Ultimate UX: Google loves it when people like you. You have to provide the user with the best possible experience, avoiding any kind of clutter.
    • Consistent page layout
    • Easy navigation
    • Easy to remember URL
    • The page should be optimized to work on multiple browsers
    • The loading page of the page shouldn’t be slow 

Create the page Google loves (Infographic): 


Infographic created by IBOXSEO


We have seen many newspaper ads and TV commercials in our lifetimes. I'm sure we have all come across something that has left a lasting impression in our minds.

In today’s age when people are connected to devices at all times, you should be leveraging more from this opportunity. Social presence is a must, and this is what Google likes in an author.

The vitality of tweets, retweets, likes, shares and others: You have no other choice but to use the various channels of social media marketing, including Facebook and Twitter. Sites like Google+ have been proven to impact your search engine rankings. Some tips:

  • Social users are more likely to respond to a question on your fan page.
  • There is all likelihood that your social stats will improve if you ask your followers to like, share, tweet or perform any action.
  • Social engagement is enhanced, and shares and likes get doubled when you throw a contest.
  • How-tos and lists tend to get more social shares.
  • Social engagement will increase like magic with the inclusion of images in your posts.

Encourage blog comments: Google likes it a lot when your ideas are appreciated and you get a response for them. This means your audience is so involved with you that they start interacting with you. Here are the best ways to encourage your readers to leave their comments on your blog:

  • Ask your readers a question: Practice this more often. Every now and then, ask your audience something so they will give their answers in the comments section.
  • Take a stand: Don’t be shy or fearful. Take a stand and tell the world what you believe and ask your audience if they agree with you or not.
  • Thank those who have commented: Even a very simple blog comment like “Great Post” should be acknowledged. This will make the readers come back for more and they will feel like commenting on each of your posts.

Build authority with loyal followers and influencers: Taking time out to build loyalty with your customers and industry influencers is one of the best long-term investments. Here are simple steps that will help in creating immense value through loyal followers and influencers.

  • Start a family: Have a more humanized approach and show character in all your social media marketing efforts. Start by creating a community and incorporate more people who are related to your niche. For instance, if you are offering vegetables, you could team up with local restaurants for promotions.
  • Show you care: Show that you care for your prospects by giving out solutions to problems. The queries could be found using hashtags pertaining to your niche.
  • Engage social media influencers: They have a large number of followers. Having a large influence over a lot of followers is what makes these brands have potential.

The more loyal followers and influential names you have in your list, the more quality activity will be encouraged on your social media account, thus sending great signals to Google.


Inbound links from high-quality sites

Google judges you by the friends that you have. So, all the friends that come to your home must be well-behaved.

Yes, this is what Google wants from your link profile. While building links, make sure that you get them from high-quality, authoritative websites related to your niche.

  • Write exclusive content: Attractive authority links becomes easier with the help of content that is worth a link.
    • Provide cornerstone content that fills the gap in the information world.
    • Personal content helps the readers understand who you are and relate to you.
    • Spicy content works big time. Generate buzz by contesting an idea from a high profile person and see the link juices flowing.
  • Fix broken links: Links, as they grow older, can die. Make a list of all the dead links and contact the webmaster.
  • High Quality Guest Posts: Yes, they do exist if done reasonably. Highly researched, resourceful content is a great way to earn high-quality links.
  • Gap-filling for content: Interact with content publishers to know what kind of content is missing and create the same for them.
  • Get in touch with .gov or .edu sites: This is a sure-shot way to prove your own authority. These links are not so easy to acquire; but if you do, you'll see how Google falls for you.
  • Build your authority with Google+: Google loves those who interact well with their relatives. Thus, it is necessary to consider the various tactics with Google+ in order to build a strong authority for Google itself.
    • Google+ Button: Allow your users to +1 content as Google considers these stats in determining your strength.
    • Optimize G+ Profile: This forms the foundation as it allows your posts and profile to be visible publicly even to logged off users and in the search results.
    • Promote the G+ account with content: Include a link to your G+ page when you distribute your content externally, especially in the author bio.
    • Build conversations: Being active and comment on the things that the people in your circles share. Also, acknowledge the people who comment on your posts.
    • Connecting via Google+ Ripples: Ripples is a feature from Google + that shows users how particular content has been shared continuously on Google+. This also shows the data of the users and the influential people who have shared it.
  • Build your personal brand online: Be extravagant to attract Google. Build your presence in a way that people always look forward to what you will offer next.
    • Media: Getting quoted on authoritative news articles is the best way to build your brand online.
      • NewsBasis is a great platform that allows you to pitch stories to journalists
      • HARO: It connects reporters and sources
      • MediaKitty: This is again a network that connects journalists with sources
  • Q&A: Sharing your brand’s knowledge on Q&A websites is a great way to build credibility around the name. At the moment, Quora is a great website that provides a potential platform for Q&A sessions.
  • Social media (again): I am mentioning this because the section of online brand building is incomplete without this. Don’t only be present there, be active too.
  • Meetups: A few good tools like Plancast and Meetup are excellent ways to network and build influence.
  • Virtual business cards: Create virtual business cards to be easily findable and shareable by people.
    • Twtbizcard: This tools helps you in transforming your Twitter profile into a business card.
    • QR code: Get a QR code so that you don’t have to give text-filled business cards.

step-five-takeawaysThe points discussed in this post, if applied properly, will help make sure you make your way into Google’s heart.

  • Target your niche
  • Implement Google Authorship Markup
  • Create rich snippets
  • Socialize a lot
  • Know your audience
  • Impress with creativity
  • Get helpful resources for your audience
  • Have a killer SEO strategy
  • Utilize the benefits of tweets, likes, shares, comments and other social signals
  • Encourage blog comments
  • Get loyal followers and influencers
  • Get high-quality inbound links
  • Build authority with Google+
  • Build your personal brand online

Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments.

Author bio:

Dave Ken is a Digital Marketing Strategist at IBOXSEO. Hugely passionate about the evolving nature of SEO, he's always interested in the latest shifts and patterns, particularly related to content marketing. Follow Dave on Twitter @DaveKen001 and Google+.

Dave Ken

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