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Technology Then and Now: #NewGradsWeek Summary

Tara M. Clapper
Technology Then and Now: #NewGradsWeek Summary

This week, we looked at evolving technology in the workplace through the generations. We hope our perspectives prove useful to new graduates looking to enter the digital technology field. Thanks for joining us for #newgradsweek!

See the full list of interviews, articles and podcasts below the jump.

Blog Content:

Technology Then and Now: New Grads Week

This introduction to the theme week also provides my perspective on how different generations can benefit the workplace.

How to Get Started in Social Media and Content Marketing by Marisa Sanfilippo

Marisa offers actionable advice to get knowledgeable and get noticed in social media and content marketing, recommending specific blogs, Twitter chats and books to get you started on your journey.

Tech Networking Events: 4 Tips for Recent Grads

From practical conversation to where you should stash your belongings, I provide some advice to first-time tech networking event attendees.

How Has Technology Changed? An Internal SEMrush Survey

Our fearless blog team conducted a survey of SEMrush employees all about the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Technology Then and Now: We All "Tech"

SEMrush Community Manager Kathleen Garvin examines what her generation brings to the tech industry.

Recent Grads in Tech: Interview with Madison Moore, Delaware Valley University

Delaware Valley University graduate-to-be Madison Moore provides her perspective on gaining experience in digital publishing while in school – and exactly what employers expect you to know about digital publishing from start to finish.

College Students Entering Tech: Interview with Christine Fossaceca, Villanova University

Villanova University Grad Christine Fossaceca discusses learning to code, entering the tech field and the landscape for women in digital technology.

College Students Entering Tech: Interview with Darcy McLaughlin, Villanova University

Villanova University Senior Darcy McLaughlin is already employed in the tech industry. Get her perspective on entering the field.

SEMrush Podcasts for Recent Grads in Tech:

SEMrush Podcast: Multigenerational Perspective on the Tech Industry

Hosted by SEMrush Webinar Host Peter Starr Northrop and Technical Editor Tara Clapper, this podcast solicits the opinions of industry veteran and SEMrush Marketing Director Michael Sticker as well as Temple grad and SEMrush Sales Executive Tyler Wilson.

SEMrush Podcast: Tips for Grads in SEO and Social Media

SEMrush Sales Executive Kyle Ferretti provides his perspective on the tech industry and advice for recent grads. Tara and Peter join him in this discussion.

Do you have any advice for recent grads entering the tech field? Please leave it in the comments!

Tara M. Clapper is Technical Editor at SEMrush and Senior Editor at The Geek Initiative, a website celebrating women in geek culture. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tara M. Clapper

A veteran community member.

Tara M. Clapper is Content Development Specialist at Express Writers and Senior Editor at The Geek Initiative, a website celebrating women in geek culture. Tara is a prolific content creator and an accomplished editor, having written and edited thousands of blog posts, small business websites, and other inbound marketing content through the course of her career. Tara enjoys blogging about SEO copywriting, content management, corporate culture, personal branding, networking and LinkedIn. She has over a decade of experience in digital publishing. Connect with her on Twitter @irishtara
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