SEO Content: The Perfect Mix of Text and Images for SEO Success

Alex Bungener

May 05, 20153 min read
SEO Content: The Perfect Mix of Text and Images for SEO Success

If you run a business, you know you need a website, but do you know how to best use your website to get the attention of potential clients or customers? If you find yourself focusing mostly on its look instead of its SEO content, you are probably selling yourself short when it comes to search engine optimization.

If you lack relevant keyword-related content, search engines are not going to rank your website, which means no one will find you. If you do not have great SEO content, visitors will not stay as long when they find you and they will not come back or share your content with others. Getting your content shared is becoming more and more important as various social media outlets gain popularity.

Are you a fan of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram? Then you know that images are important. If you have a business that could benefit by reaching out to the main users of Pinterest, for example, your pages and posts need “pin-able” images that catch people’s eyes and makes them want to share them. That’s why SEO optimized photos (discussed later in this post) are so important. Plus images are becoming more important on Facebook and Twitter also. Images capture the attention of the millions of people scrolling through their feeds.

In this sense, social media outlets are like galleries in which you would like to get your work shown. But you are most likely catering to potential audiences who are less like connoisseurs and more like fast-food drive-through customers looking for something quick and tasty.

You need to look delicious to get them to stop and click, and back it up with hearty nutrition for those actually interested in what you bring to the market. This is where proper, high quality SEO content comes into play.

Social media has become a great marketing tool that can also be helpful in your SEO strategy. It’s all about the SERP, the search engine results page. Google wants to find your business all over the Internet. If people are seeing and sharing you on social media, Google notices. But making the first page of the organic Google results requires good quality, informative, interesting and relevant content. It’s true: content is king.

The proper SEO content will help that prospect “connect” with you and your company. If that happens then they very likely will contact your business and become a client.

So how does Google determine if the content is of high quality? Google’s search algorithm is just a mathematical formula. A ridiculously long mathematical formula that assigns a numeric value to each factor in the equation. Content requires a numeric value. Google uses keyword density and word count to assess the value of text on a page.

For now, ideal keyword density is 2-4%. I suspect that within a couple of years keyword density will lose importance as Google gets better at assessing the intent of content and the search phrase. As far as word count goes, 250 is Google’s threshold. For a typical page, we feel 300 words is a great target for a web page and 500+ for a blog post.

If your website is light on content because you think it is unnecessary, you should reconsider. Without that SEO content, your site will never be found by a potential client! If your business is very visual, i.e. photographer, graphic or interior designer, use the content to describe your thought process for that project.

If people understand your approach to photography or design you make that connection with that prospect and they will be much more apt to hire you. Now, if the objective of your website is to be just a digital brochure, then don’t worry about content.

Top SERP spots require good quality, informative, interesting and relevant SEO content. Photos are necessary to break up the text. They also make the overall user experience much better. SEO optimized photos have the main web page keyword phrase in its file name and alt tag. Geo-tagging photos is important if you have a local business and want Google to share you with people in your area.

As a matter of fact, properly tagged photos are a necessity for a highly SEO optimized web page or blog post. Plus they can dominate an image search result!


If the purpose of your website is to be your digital sales brochure that you direct people to (and you don't care about it being discovered), then don’t worry about content.

If you want your website to bring new prospects to your door or to contact your business then you MUST have SEO content along with all the photos and images. Don’t fight this (we have clients fighting us on this), especially if you hired or are planning on hiring an SEO company; without the right SEO content they can’t succeed for you.

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