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The 10 Most Viewed and Eye-Catching Video Ads of 2015

Daria Voronina
The 10 Most Viewed and Eye-Catching Video Ads of 2015

Users spend plenty of time on YouTube it’s a well-known fact! We all like to watch pranks, funny clips, and cute videos with clumsy pandas. But even video advertising can be interesting and juicy, making viewers want to watch until the very end.

Most people are visual learners. Some marketers have already begun to reconsider their advertising budgets and spend more on digital video. Visually appealing videos will definitely attract viewers to your content.

We decided to put together this 2015 roundup and create a list of this year’s most viewed video ads using the SEMrush Video Advertising tool, which is designed to collect and analyze data for YouTube in-stream video advertisements and channels. Then, from the most viewed video ads, we selected several of the most interesting, creative, and stylish commercials.

We’d to share some fresh ideas and thoughts with you. Hopefully, some of them will excite you and help you optimize your marketing campaigns.

So, let’s enjoy these videos and get some inspiration while watching!

  1. Hyundai: A Message to Space

Food for thought: Hyundai created an inspiring and motivating commercial about the true story of Stephanie, who misses her astronaut father who’s working at the International Space Station and wants to send him a message. For this project, eleven Genesis cars were dispatched by the Hyundai Motor Company to create a cosmic message that has been watched over 69 million times.

Of course, only global companies can afford such large-scale projects, but what’s more important here is how Hyundai marketers highlighted the brand’s philosophy, namely caring for customers through emotional interaction. If you communicate a caring attitude to your customers, it will help you build trust around your brand.

  1.     Korea. Your Story

Food for thought: the Korea Tourism Organization of the Republic of Korea was commissioned to promote the country’s tourism industry. Their marketing team made a very beautiful video ad without any fancy hotels or gorgeous boutiques. There are stunning visuals: a road lit by sunbeams, an elegant table setting, a man running along the beach and splashing in the sea, and other beautiful sceneries.

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best option. Also, the creators of this ad demonstrated one of the best techniques for producing videos shooting multiple short clips and combining them later in one video.

  1. Adidas: Here’s to the Takers

Food for thought: Adidas designs and manufactures athletic shoes, clothing and accessories. This time, they decided to emphasize their experience and reputation in their commercial. Power, emotions, and energy all these elements are intertwined in this video ad that presents the best shoes and clothing for sports.

Emphasize the advantages of your product, and tell your customers why it is the best choice for them.

  1. Gillette Venus: Use Your And

Food for thought: this Gillette commercial successfully appeals to its target audience. It begins not as an ordinary ad, but as a public service ad; it is about self-belief, self-esteem and ditching labels. The marketers aren’t overtly telling women that they should buy Gillette products. They do it on a subconscious level, gently hinting women they really need this product.  

You should know your target audience well, including their weak spots. It helps to consider your audience’s concerns and try to appeal to their needs and values.

  1. Pampers: Hush Little Baby

Food for thought: this beautiful commercial from Pampers attracted more attention. Its creators made the best choice of accompanying audio the classic lullaby “Hush Little Baby.” The main feature of the ad is its key message babies bring out the best in people. The commercial consists of scenes depicting good deeds and cute moments. And this is always a winning strategy!

Pampers has shown us how everyday acts of kindness can bring about major life changes. In just two days, the video received over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Obviously, this topic can strike chord with an audience.

  1. Pedigree®: The Walk

Food for thought: this is another good example of how a brand can deliver its key message. The creators of the Pedigree commercial included a catchy slogan in the video: “Dogs bring out the good in us; Pedigree brings out the good in them.” This video is a bit provocative, but it ends on a sweet note.

As in the previous example, the marketers accomplished one of their goals they made us watch the video ad until the very end.

  1. Lipton – A Refreshing Approach to Tea

Food for thought: animated commercials have several advantages, and many marketers opt for this video ad format. Animation allows for a wide range of possibilities. It can be a powerful way to tell your story and deliver your key message in a unique manner. The global company Unilever, which owns many world-renowned brands, created a very nice animated video ad for Lipton’s products underlining its overall mission – they want their brands to help create a brighter future.

There are several tools that can help you create awesome marketing videos. For example, GoAnimate allows you to create full-featured animated movies with characters and sets of your choosing.

  1. Reebok ­– Freak Show – Be More Human

Food for thought: here is another example of a good commercial that not only touts its product to viewers, but motivates them. The Reebok commercial “Freak Show” celebrates people who play sports to achieve personal fulfillment. It’s more than just an ad; it’s a whole inspirational video.

Remember that viewers are not only potential customers, they are first of all human beings. Showing them that anyone can be stronger, healthier and better, Reebok builds trust and credibility. Actually, the company also provides a good example of how to conduct a multi-faceted campaign. They changed their whole mission, made several inspirational video clips and even transformed their logo to a delta. Its three sides represent the physical, mental and social transformation that everyone can achieve through sports and healthy living.

  1. A Driver’s Life – Driving Matters

Food for thought: viewers have little patience for pre-rolls. It’s easier said than done, but your video ad must be unique and interesting in order to attract attention. The creators of the Mazda Miata MX-5 commercial show key moments of every driver’s life and tell us that driving matters. They imply that this car will allow you to experience the absolute joy of driving.

Consider the following question: How can your product make your customer’s life better and happier? Answer: you can make viewers envision themselves using your products, peak their interest, and show them that your product is what they truly want.

  1.  Google, Evolved

Food for thought: with this promotional video, Google showed viewers how it has changed by showing users every product it has rolled out in the last 17 years. The video was viewed over 9 million times on YouTube in just three months.

Using this example, you can try to emphasize your experience and reputation, show customers your evolution and achievements, and demonstrate your product’s value and benefits.

We hope you enjoyed these clips and found some new ideas for your video ads that will help you conquer the marketing world!

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