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The 2016 Marketer’s Wishlist #semrushchat

Elena Terenteva
The 2016 Marketer’s Wishlist #semrushchat

The near year is nearly upon us! We've been reading many blog posts about online marketing predictions for 2016, but it seems no one has ever asked marketers what they actually wish would happen next year. Improvements in Penguin to climb to the top of local search results? New Facebook advertising platform updates? Or should things just stay the same?

In today’s SEMrush Twitter Chat, we asked marketers about their wishes and summarized our impressions of digital marketing in 2015.

Have your marketing expectations become reality in 2015?

Do you remember what your top expectations for the year 2014 were? We do: 1) Google will focus more on semantic search, 2) mobile traffic will increase, 3) new social media advertising platforms will appear and so on. So did these become a reality?

According to Express Writers @ExpWriters, 2015 actually exceeded expectations as far as reach and engagement are concerned.

And, yes, some marketers were surprised by the growth in organic positions.* Among other updates were the recent quality update and the overall change treating long tails by Google made this possible.

Indeed expectations are good for monitoring the situation, but not so good for long-term planning. A marketer should focus on quickly adapting to new channels and watching competitors if they want to win the race.

Let’s recap the responses. Most of you said you actually had no expectations. But how is this possible, guys? Either way, we’ve shared some of our predictions for you below.

Expectations vs. reality 2015

And now it’s time to share our SEO and digital marketing wishes for the new year. Think of these as a marketer’s letter to Santa and also to development teams of online search enterprises all across the world!

Biggest marketing wishes for 2016

Personally, as a writer, I wish that Google would dig deeper into semantic search, because even after a few quality updates, spam sites are still topping SERPs for some common queries today.

Funnel modeling is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers this year and possibly the next. Don’t forget to watch out for new opportunities and make unconventional moves that will lead to more conversions.

Right to the point! Yes, for some time, keywords have not been a part of Google Analytics, and we want them to be again! While waiting for Google to make its move, you can use tools like SEMrush to evaluate keywords and monitor them for both organic and paid ads.

Obed M. @MrClics wants to learn more about digital marketing, and so do we. A lot of new stuff has appeared and a lot of new books are already on our list. So, let’s get started and learn something new.

Colt Sebastian Taylor @ColtSTaylor wrote that he would have been also say Facebook restoring organic reach to pages, but not even the Grinch could get those back.

Let’s recap your wishes. In 2016 we want more website traffic, social media automation, SEO and user experience collaboration to affect our rankings!

Wishes for 2015

Even though we are marketers, we are still clients of multinational brands and local stores. We eat, drink, consume cable TV and browse the Internet, so we definitely encounter mistakes that other marketers have made from time to time. So how about letting us know what they are?

What you wish marketers would stop doing in 2016?

Although we are all proud of the work we’ve done, sometimes it’s not enough to help a webpage reach its full potential. So don’t be over confident!

Brooke Townsend @btownsend13 added that it is annoying when people email her a RE: with a message that you never sent in the first place. If you’re going to do that, at least get her name right.

As a final thought, let’s say marketers should create less spammy emails and poor content, and avoid bad remarketing techniques. Just don’t be boring or overconfident!

What marketers should stop doing in 2016?

Getting back to SEO predictions, there’re definitely some that don’t speak to the heart of a marketer. Is there something that will increase our amount of work or seriously affect our current campaigns?

Predictions you wish wouldn't come true in 2016

ThinkSEM @ThinkSEM was the first to remark that some people say that websites are dead and that apps are taking over. Don’t believe it; most don’t want it!

We love keywords too, and it’s true that each year we see more publications saying that keywords are now dead and that we should all go with ______ (whatever will make money for the author) instead.

Steve Hill @epiclysteve says he’s also concerned about ISPs throttling streaming. Video is a huge force in digital marketing. Throttling ruins it.

Stephany Jones @WebbySteph is concerned that SEO will continue to change and become a pain to keep up with. She hopes this prediction won’t come true! To summarize a few predictions we don’t want to come true: the death of websites and keywords, real-time for Penguin and government regulation of the web. Prediction that shouldn't come true in 2016 With every update, we await new tool capabilities that will make our lives as digital marketers easier. Is there something that every tool you use lacks now but you hope will be included in 2016? Is there anything you can't find in any tools, but you wish existed? Automation is the key for the new era of marketing. There are so many channels around and so little time to monitor them all, and it’s even harder to find one that takes all ranking factors into account.

Jacques Bouchard @jacquesbouchard continued the conversation with a big wish: he’d like something that can reverse-engineer Google Tag Manager for competitive analysis purposes.

That’s really interesting – SEMrush’s Keyword Research tool provides users with a lot of grouping and sorting options and a report with semantically related keywords. We’re even planning to expand its functionality further in 2016!

Summarizing all marketers’ wishes for SEO tools, we can say that both focus on UX/UI of the webpage and more precise estimations would reveal leaders next year.

Wishlist - marketing tools

And for all the other tools you use for marketing efforts – what should we do with SEMrush in 2016? With the next question, we encouraged our users to send their feedback!

What features should SEMrush add in 2016

The very first answer we received made us really, really happy.

Thanks a lot! Although, we still know that some things can and will be better than last year. And by that we mean more accurate PPC data, keyword categorization and social media insights.

SEMrush features wishlist

That’s it for today! Thank you for joining us and sharing your expertise during the holidays. The SEMrush Twitter Chat team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And of course we are looking forward to seeing you next year.

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