The Impact of Authority and Influence Marketing #Semrushchat

Elena Terenteva

Oct 12, 20156 min read
The Impact of Authority and Influence Marketing

We all know people with authority impact marketing. If this were not so, marketers would not be standing in line for social media mentions from celebrities and experts. People and customers are, overall, much more likely to trust someone they know and respect than an unknown brand from the Internet.

How can we use influence marketing to increase both traffic and conversions? Let’s find out by asking Guy Avigdor @guyavigdor and Yuval Maoz @yuvmaozfrom Klear, a social intelligence platform, and our other SEMrush chat participants.

Benefits of influence marketing

It’s time to be doubtful of the very topic of our chat. Although popularity is good by itself, does influence really impact your business and marketing needs or is it just full of hot air? Let’s address this question to our guests.

Interesting people can create authentic conversations with an audience that is already interested in your product or service. Hopefully, there would be a few moments to mention your brand, so make sure you don’t miss out. This helps spread the word across the Web.

Experts usually have a wider audience than you. If you use this channel, new people are going to follow you on social media and join conversations on your website. Among other benefits, Robert Katai @katairobi mentioned that it’s a good way to introduce yourself to a new community, establishing credibility with a familiar face; and other participants pointed to more quality links from trusted sources. It’s hard to disagree.

Let’s summarize the key benefits of influence marketing.

SEMrush chat - Influence marketing Q1

Since we have addressed the benefits of influence marketing, it’s time to learn where to look for influencers. Should marketers use tools or go with intuition and common sense? These next answers will solvethe mystery.

Tools for influence marketing

Guy pointed out that you shouldn’t forget about your marketing campaigns’ overall performance and that you should use tools to measure it.

Some of our participants trust marketers’ intuition.

And some suggested using live streaming platforms like

Joe Gullo ‏ @joegullo also added that you should use customers to validate yourself as an influencer in your niche or industry, and other participants advised that marketers should maintain an active presence. That means networking with other influencers and building important relationships. Steve Hill ‏@epiclysteve believes that marketers should ask their customers who they follow. This strategy (if used correctly) is the best way to find influencers. So, what’s the bottom line for this question? Let’s sum up and share more useful tools from our own list.

SEMrush chat - Influence marketing Q2

Is there any “ultimate recipe” that encourages replies and keeps influencers interested?

Cold email Guy warns us about excessive PR letters, and many of our participants agree with him.

Yet, we shouldn’t forget that experts are human beings after all, so a personal and positive approach is always welcome.

Shawn Harding ‏@shawnbandv also shared a thought: your letter should reference influencers' past articles, be written in a personal tone and explain why you think they will like your content. And here is another word from Steve Hill:

The more personal your approach, the easier your first contact will be. A general recipe for success is: be honest, be real, be authentic, offer value and always your check grammar.

SEMrush chat - Influence marketing Q3

From cold-letter grammar mistakes to major marketers mistakes, the next question is about things that are strictly forbidden for marketers that want to get in touch with an influencer.

Common mistakes in influence marketing

The first mistake is underestimating influencers —a common one for all enterprises and marketers, which Guy Avigdor kindly points out.

Indeed sometimes you may wonder about the pricing or the manners of the influencer, but overall, if your audience likes this person, you should do whatever it takes to bring them over.

The second huge mistake is showing interest in an influencer only when you are in need of immediate promotion. As our guests mentioned above, influencers are human beings and sometimes a simple “How are you doing today?” is enough to stay in touch.

Here’s another “nice” mistake from Joe Gullo.

Be realistic. It’s better to build relationships with influencers slowly and organically, rather than spilling all your proposals, ideas and hopes in the first letter. And of course, don’t make any assumptions before the email conversation.

According to our chat participants, the top marketing mistake are: poor research, spelling mistakes, stalking, obsessively asking for promotion or links. In the question recap, we have compiled these altogether.

SEMrush chat - Influence marketing Q4

It’s hard to measure the impact of influence marketing on your sales or conversions. Even with some help from social media research tools. What should marketers do if they need to report on an influence campaign?

Measure the result of influence marketing

Yuval encourages marketers not to focus on measurements too much. All in all, you don’t have to measure friendship to be sure you won’t be fooled.

Guy sticks to a more practical approach: he thinks marketers should measure engagement.

Before you even begin any marketing campaign, it would be helpful to devote a few hours to planning relationships and setting clear objectives.

Martin Kůra ‏@HermanTinkura presented a formula: Influence = Reach + Engagement. To measure the impact of and improve your influence strategy, you should measure impressions, brand mentions, engagement, CTR and brand traffic.

Giveaways and other unique marketing opportunities are also good for measuring impact. For example, you can give different influencers unique of promo codes and then track your results.

As can be seen from these answers, to measure impact, a good marketer should count impressions and clicks, and measure the influencers’ engagement with the brand. Let’s summarize.

SEMrush chat - Influence marketing Q5

Let’s have fun with some alternative history — what if there were no Mark Zuckerberg or Chad Hurley? Would there be no social media at all? Here chat participants explained other ways to interact with influencers apart from traditional social media.

Influence marketing without social media

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of social media. It has introduced us to a new kind of influencer – “the magic middle,” as Guy calls them.

Without social media, there would only be word-of-mouth advertising

So, let’s look at the big picture when it comes to influence marketing without social media. It’s time for recap of question number six.

SEMrush chat - Influence marketing Q6

It looks like this was the last question of the day. Thanks Guy, Yuval and everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us! 

Invite friends; share insights and opinions — see you at the #semrushchat next Wednesday.

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