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The Importance of Mobile: 3 Important SEO and SEM Industry Updates

Diane Pease
The Importance of Mobile: 3 Important SEO and SEM Industry Updates

There are so many mobile statistics out there that it’s not hard to ignore them. For example:

  • 50% of all mobile searches will lead to a purchase (Rocket Post)
  • Mobile search is anticipated to overtake desktop search this year (ComScore)
  • This past Thanksgiving, mobile traffic was higher than PC traffic for the first time (BM)

And even some funny ones – I read on one blog that in Great Britain, more than 100,000 mobile phones go down the loo every year. Not sure what that might be associated with, but an interesting statistic.

There can be no denying – if you haven’t gotten on the mobile bandwagon with your marketing campaigns, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. And Google had made several recent updates to indicate that you need to incorporate mobile as a key business strategy.

Below are three recent updates that you need to consider building into your marketing portfolio:

AdWords Call Only Campaigns

This announcement in February allows you to have a “true” mobile campaign! And with the incorporation of a call button and bold phone number placement in the ad, making the call to action focused on the call itself.

Click To Call Mobile Google AdWords This allows creating ads that can target the expectation of the call and the immediacy – such as “speak to a specialist today” or “an agent is available now.”

Mobile Friendly Websites

On Apr. 21, Google will release a mobile algorithm update that is getting a lot of press. At the recent SES conference in Miami, there was much discussion and questions for Google around this. The fact that Google is telling us ahead of time this is coming means it’s important to take heed. Basically, if you site is not mobile friendly, you will lose organic mobile search traffic.

Read more about “mobilegeddon” on Search Engine Land on ways to get ready for this update.

Need to know if you site is mobile friendly? Google has provided a link in Webmaster Tools that will analyze your site:


AdWords Chrome Autofill

Don’t we love using Chrome Autofill? This new feature capitalizes on websites who have form completions as a focus, and now incorporates it into mobile. This new feature (launched in early April) is an enhancement to its autocomplete attribute.

Whether it’s SEO or PPC, it’s imperative to have mobile as part of your marketing plan and focus for the future.

Is your site ready for mobilepocalypse? Sound off in the comments.

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Diane Pease is an Inbound Marketing Manager for Cisco, and has been in online and traditional marketing for over 25 years. She has expertise in SEO, social and traditional marketing, but her primary specialty is paid search and analytics. Diane focuses on providing clients with solid paid search strategies and seamless campaign execution. Her most recent contribution to the SEMrush blog was, “Paid Ad Search Copy: 3 Things You Might Be Missing.”
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