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The Key to Winning in 2016: Explore New Advertising Tactics

Jeremy Goldman
The Key to Winning in 2016: Explore New Advertising Tactics

Snapchat Promoted Geofilters. Instagram Carousel ads. Twitter Lead Generation Cards. The new advertising tactics available to businesses these days are endless!

At Firebrand Group, we’re always looking to explore new advertising tactics – so it’s no surprise that our very own Amelia Tran is a big proponent of teaching brands how to leverage new ad formats and tactics in the year ahead.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tran for our latest Ebook, 20.16 Big Ideas for 2016, which features 20.16 different interviews with internal and external thought leaders – including Nolan Bushnell, Ann Handley, Gabrielle Zigi, and many others – to recommend one “Big Idea” your business can incorporate into their 2016 plans.

Without further ado, here’s some of my conversation with Tran.

Q: Where should companies focus their 2016 efforts?

A: To succeed in 2016, companies should not be afraid to try new things such as exploring new medias and advertising tactics to reach their target audiences.

Q: What are some examples of such new tactics?

A: FB video ads, utilizing FB custom audiences and creating lookalike audiences features, Instagram ads, Twitter lead generation campaigns, mobile ads (it is expected for mobile to dominate desktop in 2016), building a Snapchat presence (if that's where your audience hangs out) and using Periscope to build your brand.

Q: Why do you consider that to be so important?

A: If you keep doing the same things, you'll get the same results. Many of the tactics I've listed aren't entirely new, but some have really emerged as key players when it comes to where your audience is spending their time (ie. Snapchat and Periscope). Inspire your team to stay on top of trends in digital advertising, challenge themselves and think outside the box.

Q: What are some examples of companies that are getting experimentation right?

A: When it comes to who's rocking video ad campaigns, UnderArmour's "I Will What I Want" starring Misty Copeland and Gisele Bundchen, aimed to broaden its appeal amongst women to drive awareness, drive purchase intent, traffic and sales. This video campaign invited the masses to comment, and fan messages were then integrated in the campaign as well. UnderArmour generated 5 billion media impressions and $35 million in free media with a 42% boost in traffic to Under Armour Women's sales lifted 28%.

Another memorable video ad campaign is AdCouncil's "Love Has No Labels." A large X-ray installation set in public showed couples dancing, hugging, kissing and interacting. Then they would reveal the people behind the skeletal images seen by the audience. Their goal was to raise awareness on confronting bias by showing most differences are only skin deep. This video campaign generated 40 million views in two days, and became the second-most viral PSA in history. As for examples of the best sponsored Instagram campaigns, Miller Lite launched a series of posts with unique creative and messaging to target typography-loving millennial males. Miller Lite noticed the quickest trending topic hashtag-wise was related to typography, ie. #graphicdesign, #typography and leveraged that to create a campaign geared towards Instagram, which was, at the time, becoming millennial males' #1 social network.

Miller type ad The most engaging brands on Snapchat include CoverGirl, Amazon, Food Network, NFL, and 16 Handles, where content such as promotions, and behind-the-scenes, influencer takeovers are exclusive to Snapchat.

Similarly, brands which are effectively using Periscope such as: Spotify, Adidas, Red Bull, Nissan, are engaging their audiences by showing sneak-peeks of exclusive events, announcements of special products & promos, celebrity takeovers, and live interviews.

Jeremy Goldman is an entrepreneur, author, strategist and founder of the Firebrand Group. You can follow him @jeremarketer. If you’d like to read more from Anstey’s peers, such as such as Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari), Zvi Band (Founder of Contactually), Alexa von Tobel (Founder & CEO of LearnVest), and many more, access Firebrand’s entire ebook here. And here’s wishing you lots of success at rolling with the punches in all your 2016 launches.

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