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The Right Way To Conduct A Podcast in 5 Steps

Cheval John
The Right Way To Conduct A Podcast in 5 Steps

The resurgence of podcasts has taken the media by storm.

Before, there were many difficult steps to produce and publish a podcast – let alone get new subscribers. With the innovation of the iPhone, podcasts were easy for anyone to download and consume. It got even easier when Apple added Carplay last year. With Carplay, people are able to listen to more podcasts while they are commuting to work.

The opportunities are out there for small businesses, solopreneurs, freelance writers and more to gain a much wider reach when they are aiming to get their message across with a podcast. They can build a loyal fan base with anyone who listens to their show.

Ready to dive into the podcast format? Follow these tips in order to plan and launch a quality interview-format show.

1. Do Your Research

Before reaching out to a prospective guest for your podcast, do your research. This will allow you to gain some insights on the guest that you are interviewing and it will allow you to ask some interesting questions.
When you try to wing your show, the audience will know and the guest will feel disrespected because they took the time out of their busy schedule to listen to your show and be a guest on it.

2. Prepare Some Core Questions

When you have some core questions, it will allow you to be 'in the zone' when you are interviewing your guest. Use the questions as a guide; you don't want the show to feel scripted or inauthentic.

3. Listen

When you listen to your guest answer your questions, it will allow you to gain a much deeper insight into their journey to their career success. Too often, the host will be worried about what to ask next that they will miss out on valuable information that can allow the interviewer to delve deep into the conversation. Make sure you give the interview subject enough time to address those core questions you've prepared.

4. Don't Interrupt

When you interrupt your guest when they are answering your questions, it is disrespectful to them and indirectly to your audience. The listeners want to hear what the guest has to say – that's why they've tuned in.

5. Always Allow The Guest To Have The Last Word

When you are closing your show, it is always important to let your guest have the last word because you want them to feel great about sharing their message with your audience. Plus, you are also helping and endorsing your guest – you gave them the platform to inspire your listeners to be better people.

Do you have additional interview tips for podcasters? Let us know in the comments.

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Michelle Colon-Johnson
I think you brought up some very important topics. I have heard many times people talking over each other. Part of the homework is honing in on your interviewing and interviewe skills! Thanks for sharing you knowledge!
Cheval John
Michelle Colon-Johnson
You are very welcome, Michelle. Thank you for your support. It is true that many interviews will have the host interrupting the guest when they are answering their question.

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