Semrush Podcast: Now Covering More Aspects of Marketing

Anna Lebedeva

Mar 01, 20183 min read
Now Covering More Aspects of Marketing

A Brief Story of the SEMrush Podcast

We heard everyone had a podcast, just look at our list of the top marketing podcasts, so we launched one too! No, that’s not how we came up with the idea to launch a SEMrush podcast.

It all started back in August 2017, when we turned our internal Google Updates newsletter (thanks to our Education team) into a Google News Digest — a bi-weekly rubric on our blog that covered the latest news and updates from Google. 

We knew that no other industry depends more on what happens at Google than ours. So, we decided that one way we could help our three million users was to keep them up-to-date on the latest trends and updates.

From the new features in Google Search Console to the rumors about the upcoming ranking algorithm changes, we include everything in our digest.

And Then, We Thought of a Podcast

With the number of changes that occur every single day, our digest was becoming an increasingly comprehensive read. The digital industry is news-rich, and sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day to read up on everything that is going on out there. So, we gave it some thought and came up with the idea of a podcast that allows you to catch the latest trends in digital marketing on the go!

But following the news is not enough — what you actually need to deduce from catching up with the industry is how the latest news affects your business, and what you should do to stay on top. So we combined the formats of a news digest and a talk show where the leading industry experts are getting “interrogated” by David Bain regarding the latest news.

That was the day Search Marketing Scoop was born. With Eighteen episodes, recognized industry experts like Barry Schwartz, Larry Kim, Aleyda Solis, Jim Banks and many more, many Google updates, and even more paid search tweaks, the Search Marketing Scoop has seen its share of excitement. After a while though, we felt that it had grown out of the SEO- and PPC-only-focused perspective.

SEMrush marketing scoop podcast

Where Is Search Marketing Scoop Now?

The industry is changing so rapidly, and we realized that it is often hard to differentiate between SEO and content marketing. For instance, while most of the successful case studies have one thing in common — they are inherently omnichannel. What’s more, airing twice a month wasn’t cutting it anymore; thus we decided to move to a weekly schedule. To stay relevant and address what our listeners have been asking for, Search Marketing Scoop had to follow these developments and turn into something else. 

Welcome the second season of SEMrush podcast - Marketing Scoop hosted by a dynamic duo, David Bain and Judith Lewis. So, what is the Marketing Scoop podcast?

Marketing Scoop is a weekly podcast that is all about the news, trends, and in-depth discussions on SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing, and Success Stories. On each episode, David and Judith invite the brilliant minds of the digital marketing space to dissect the latest trends and best cases across the industry.

Why should you listen to Marketing Scoop?

  • Marketing Scoop podcast takes place every Wednesday, so you stay informed every week.

  • You can always join the live discussion on YouTune or, if you are on the go, tune in via your favorite podcatcher — iTunes, Android, Stitcher, Spotify and more.

  • The scoop covers SEO, advertising, content marketing, and success stories that our listeners can learn from. 

Tune in to Marketing Scoop and if you like what you hear, leave us a review to make sure your fellow marketers are also able to find us on any podcatcher!

What You Have Already Missed, But Can Still Catch

We have already released a few episodes of the second season, but don't worry if you have missed them — they are all out there on your favorite podcatcher. A few teasers:

Marketing Scoop Episode 2.3: Content Marketing

Episode 3 was our very first content marketing-focused episode. Ross Tavendale (Managing Director at Type A Media) and Nathan Ellering (the Head of Marketing at CoSchedule) joined David Bain and Judith Lewis in uncovering the latest digital marketing news. Nathan shared how CoSchedule’s managed to drive 7 million visits to a single blog post. 

Marketing Scoop Episode 2.4: Success Story

This episode featured Alexandra Rynne, a lady who is on the front lines of LinkedIn’s content marketing revolution. In this “success story” episode they are focusing in on the “LinkedIn Secret Sauce” eBook and why that was such a marketing success. Think cross-functional collaboration, smart launch strategy, and going all omnichannel with content repurposing for the utmost results.  

There is so much to learn from the Marketing Scoop. Check it out today! 

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