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The Wisdom of Quora: Analyzing Thousands of Marketing Optimization Questions [Infographic]

Yaniv Navot

The Dynamic Yield team loves crunching data. We’re always looking for new ways to discover valuable insights about our space. To that end, Quora, the world’s largest and most popular question and answer site, is a gold mine of data.

After crawling, reading and analyzing thousands of questions relating to marketing optimization topics, we gathered the top questions and answers based on a weighted interest score combining views, answers, upvotes, and Quora members who indicated they “want answers” to that question. Here are the results.

The Wisdom of Quora - Infographic

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Yaniv Navot is the Director of Online Marketing at Dynamic Yield, the customer engagement and experience management platform. Yaniv is a seasoned hands-on marketing executive with 8+ year track record in digital media and performance marketing. Follow him on Twitter at @Yaniv_Navot.
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Keith James
I was really shocked that only 5% of marketing optimization topics focused on landing page optimization. I guess when you add conversion optimization it make total sense.
Website owners spend so much time and effort getting traffic and then have weak or non existent sales and marketing funnels. There is a lot of money being left on the table.
Great infographic! Thank you!
Yaniv Navot
Thanks Amit. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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