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Things You Should Check Before Hiring a Website Content Writer

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Things You Should Check Before Hiring a Website Content Writer

Harnessing the “Power of the Written Word”!

The idea of writing content for effective business promotion is not a new one. In fact, it’s been around since the 60’s. The only difference is that the typewriter has been replaced by the keyboard. Nonetheless, website content writing for a campaign can be genuinely informative while being a worthwhile read, which could do wonders for promoting a product or service online.

Difference between Content and Copy Writing:

More often than not, when discussing online copywriting, it gets mixed up with content writing. This may be news to you, but the fact is that they are two different jobs. A copywriter’s purpose is intended to entice the reader to buy something. In this sense, a copywriter encourages action, while the work of a content writer has to be informative by regurgitating research information and facts. The work that a content writer does is important, as in it helps a website achieve higher rankings in the search engine by producing great content for the website.

What to Check before Hiring a Website Content Writer:

First of all, don’t hire a writer if you don’t understand the value of good writing. No one wants to work with someone they didn’t want to hire in the first place. To understand the value of good writing, start by doing some research. Keep your goals and business plan in mind because if you don’t know these things, you are going to end up with content writers that are not up to scratch. The simple fact is that even the most beautifully written website will fail if there’s no clear purpose behind it.

The following are some points for hiring the best website content writers:

  • Never base your decision on a grammar test.
  • Request writing samples.

Tips on Hiring the Best Website Content Writer:

The following are some of the tips for penning down an effective website content writer ad:


Before writing your recruitment ad, you will need to think about what skills are important to you, and what you are looking for in a website content writer. Make these clear the best way you can while listing desirable extras separately.

Declare Your Needs:

One thing should be clear: there’s no room in recruitment for ambiguous or ostentatious points in an ad for a website content writer. The ad should be straight with potential recruits, telling them what the job is about, where it will lead to, and what skills are required to do it.

BE CLEAR About What You Don’t Want:

A major pitfall in website content writing job adverts is failing to consider the sort of candidates that aren’t appropriate for the job. Apart from the fact that getting a sack full of applications from inappropriate candidates (which wastes a lot of time), effectively specifying your needs is definitely a priority when it comes to hiring website content writers.

Be Upfront:

Think about what will be important to an employee, and if there is anything in the wages and benefits that are likely to turn them off the job, let them know from the beginning. This is a very important recruitment factor that often gets sidelined. If you are offering a content writing position with a certain remuneration package per year, any candidate with any sense will immediately understand that you are looking for someone with experience after reading the website content writer advert.


Finally, the last and most important part of the hiring process is showing some respect. A good example of what not to do in your recruitment ad is making statements like, ‘must follow orders’ and ‘must be professional.’ While the last one may sound obvious, you are a professional if you’ve had experience working so mentioning it makes the reader seem stupid. The first statement immediately gives the impression of someone you would not want to work for, be it website content writing or otherwise.

For recruiters, it’s important to keep these points in mind. After all, you get what you pay for and getting a good website content writer for peanuts will be the equivalent of winning the lottery. Avoiding these simple procedures when hiring professionals for website content writing will be a recipe for disaster for both parties.

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This is a great article-- I own a freelance writing and online marketing business, so I am frequently jumping back and forth from one side of this equation to the other-- and your points are right on the mark! After all is said and done, writing is about communication, and it's crucial that employers communicate their needs well so that writers can translate that into their online content and marketing messages.
Keith James
A great content or copy writer can make or break a campaign or website. I have clients that have PPC budgets that are thousands of dollars a month scoff at paying $300 for copy writing. It's all in the message.
Finding a great writer is difficult. When you do, let them know how much you value them.