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Tips on How to Work with Keyword Research Services Efficiently

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Tips on How to Work with Keyword Research Services Efficiently

Identifying the Keywords you’re so Close to!

We have all heard about how low hanging fruits make the best pies. Don’t worry, I’m not going to discuss the epidemiological data involving the memetic dynamics of pies, nor will I be giving you the recipe for mama’s apple pie. Simply put, the low hanging fruits analogy is just a vacuous term that refers to traffic-converting keywords that are considered the blue eyed boy of every SEO and online marketer.

Benefits of Keyword Research:

For the keyword researcher, tapping into the pool of effective and search-friendly keywords for your website effectively converts traffic into clicks, sales, signups and whatever gets a search engine’s skirt up in the ranking list. For those, like myself, who are way too lazy to comb for untapped keywords, here are a few tools, or should I say cherry pickers, that should get you on your way.

The ABC of SEO Top Keyword Searches:

Sometimes, even keywords need a little help. By following these simple procedures, you can finally make a list of keywords that are Google bot-friendly.

  • When you go into keyword research sites, find out which keywords are normally used for your business purpose. This should give you a good idea of how to weed out the low search volume keywords. After that, you can run those keywords through a rank checking software for each keyword. The results you will get from this strategy will help you fire up your master spreadsheet. Programs like Rank Checker should make this process a lot easier for you.
  • Next, you will need to sort out your Excel spreadsheet by weeding out all the keywords that you rank the highest. This will enable you to convert all those that require a bit of on-site optimization or further link building.
  • Running the keywords thorough Google’s Keyword Tool, SEOmoz Keywords Research Tool, Market Niche Finder, SEMrush Pro, Wordtracker et cetera, will help you obtain a search volume for each keyword.
  • Finally, add any other metrics that will assist you with prioritizing your target keywords by analyzing traffic, competition, conversion performance, and your current rank. SEMrush also has a pretty exhaustive list when it comes to critical keyword research data.

The more information you import into your master spreadsheet, the better your keyword research tool will become for selecting the finest keywords.

Yeah! But does it Work?

The bottom line is, keyword research works! Which is the reason why everyone and their sister is looking for keyword research services. One point to keep in mind is that Google’s rankings for certain terms are far better than others. This would sometimes allow your ranking to drop, but there’s no reason to panic, as Google is just figuring out what to do with your website and its ranking. It’s all part of an algorithm, and No, it’s not called a Google sandbox. It is important to understand that you should never stop producing links to your site, as link velocity is a factor in Google’s algorithm.

Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool:

When it comes to keyword research services and other auto-pilot stuff, Google’s Adwords Keyword Research Tool is, hands down, the best you will ever get when it comes to getting a significant amount of traffic increase for your website. It’s so good that you can’t afford not to use it. Nuff said!

Independent Keyword Research Services:

There are also some low-profile keyword research services providers who can go over your business details and tell you what you should be looking for to target your audience. These service providers can also tell you why you would or wouldn't rank a keyword and provide you with different strategies to climb up on the page rank and back linking of your competition. The charges of these independent keyword researchers vary and are normally based on how many niches one wants to conduct research on. You can also use the resources of SEMrush Pro, Market Samurai, Keyword Spy and other such websites to get you what you need.

Final Thoughts:

Keyword research for SEO can be nerve racking at times, so I’ll give you just one last tip to keep the ideas flowing. Checking out what people are publishing on, let’s say the top fifty article sites will give you a good idea of useful keywords, and is a much better tactic than going to common places like eBay’s Pulse, where every SEO and their dog is sniffing around for keywords.

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