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Top 10 Online Survey Software of 2015 for B2B Marketing

Sameer Bhatia
Top 10 Online Survey Software of 2015 for B2B Marketing

Want valuable feedback that's so easy, your customers will tell you what they think?

Online surveys specialize in helping you to get information from other people in a simple manner that's super efficient.

Online survey programs are designed to take in opinions from your customers and other visitors to your online business or other site. Online surveys have about just about anything you might have created with a wide variety of options. The information that you collect can help you to analyze your audience, their opinions, and what you need to change.

If price holds you back, setting up survey can be cost-effective when you consider the various programs out there that are available to use. Budget won't hold you back as the use of an online survey program is extremely affordable. A great program can be affordable thanks to social media and online communities, and most of your foot work can be done without having to use in-person representatives with clipboards to take care of your surveys.

This process is used many different businesses in recent time to take care of various survey needs. But what are your software choices - which are the best ones to have?

If you choose to set up an online survey, there are a few platforms that can make a difference when it comes to gathering information on what people visiting your website can fill out. Here’s a look at ten great programs:


SurveyGizmo is an easy to use program that handles more than thirty different types of questions that you can ask to your participants. Your questions can be engineered to where people can skip certain questions or be redirected to specific ones depending on the answers they give. You can even run SurveyGizmo offline so you can collect data from an iPad or other mobile device and then upload your data to your account or sync it wirelessly if possible. You can also save your survey while creating it and then continue working on it later if necessary.


SurveyMonkey is very easy to use and will let you add your brand onto anything. You can export PDF files on this and create appealing platforms. You could even use a setup where all your survey questions can appear on one page instead of having multiple pages to use here.

The popular publication Redbook has used SurveyMonkey programs as a means of programming different surveys to gauge the opinions of the publication’s readership. Modify Watches has also used this to get a better idea of what the company’s customer base is like.


Typeform is one of the best survey software programs to use as it not only includes customized branding support, but it also offers a mobile support setup and even a progression bar to show people how they are going about when working on their surveys. You can use more than fifteen types of questions here.


ProProfs is popular for online survey programs as you can add weights to different answers or questions. You can also upload pictures to your surveys to illustrate concepts to survey takers. Your surveys can also be arranged with as many question answers as desired on each individual entry.


Designed with support for 24 different types of questions, QuestionPro is a well-laid out program that lets you track your respondents’ answers and even details on where and when they took your survey. You can also collect information offline if necessary. You can even ask your clients if they want to use privacy features to keep from having their data used for any purpose.

Many big-name businesses like Safeway, Google and US Bank have been using QuestionPro’s services. US Bank particularly used QuestionPro in the past to get a better idea of how people feel about particular investment options and if they are relevant to their needs.

Survey Anyplace

This survey option has a rather appropriate name as you can use the platform on many mobile devices and collect data offline to sync information up. You can track information on your respondents and even ask if you want their data to be shared for any purpose. The skip-page feature is especially useful because it stops people from asking questions they don’t need to and waste their time


Zoho allows you to export PDF reports of your results so you can review this information in real time as necessary. People can also save their survey progress here and continue taking them later if needed.


The partial data submission feature on Wufoo is very popular as it lets you submit a survey online before you finish it. You can limit the number of times a survey can be taken by people as well or even add limits to the number of times surveys can be used by a large pool of people.


SurveyMoz has a branding feature that can be used on your surveys. You can also share data with others online through a secure environment and even use the skip-page logic setup. This is to allow you to get people to avoid having to take certain questions based on the answers that they have already put in.


RationalSurvey only offers five different types of questions for you to use, but it does include a branding feature and a respondent tracking feature. It is also mobilized to be used on mobile devices.

These options are among the best survey software programs you can use today!

Be sure to consider these options when finding programs that you can use as required for when you need to get your surveys created so you can get opinions from all kinds of people that you want to get in touch with for any special purpose.

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