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Top 10 Resources to Handle WordPress Like a Pro

Claire Emilie
Top 10 Resources to Handle WordPress Like a Pro

What actually started as a basic blog tool is now used by more than 74.6 million websites — and counting. Its flexibility and impressive library of tools have even convinced some of the world’s biggest brands, Like Techcrunch and Sony Music.

Don’t even get me started on all the reasons why you should use WordPress — the list is long!

If, like me, you’re already convinced and want to go a step further in mastering the art of WordPress, this article is for you.

Top 10 WordPress Resources

  1. WordPress 101 - For the Very Beginners on WordPress

This guide helps you learn the very basics of WordPress, from picking a domain and web hosting, to setting up your theme, customizing it and choosing the right plugins — all with tutorials and video presentations.

  1. Choose Your Premium WordPress Theme

Don’t be turned off by the "2014" in the link, this list of themes has been updated a few days ago. It's the ultimate list of premium WP themes with great functionalities and beautiful designs to match all needs. Although, the trending parallax effects are over-emphasized and begin to feel a little worn-out.

Or, if you want to create your own theme from the ground up:

  1. Create Your WordPress Theme from Scratch

If you are being a princess about your website and you can’t find the perfect theme that matches your fertile imagination among the zillion existing ones, here is a very clear and precise tutorial to make your own. Caution: only for the budding WordPress developers among us.

  1. Keep this WordPress Cheat Sheet at Hand

All the jargon and coding to tweak and edit your WordPress in one spot! Once again, this is web designer- and developer-oriented.

  1. Discover 4 Brilliant WordPress Techniques for Developers

This piece is a bit more technical, targeting WordPress developers with some of the latest development techniques:

  • structured data
  • open-source icon fonts
  • bootstrap framework
  • multilingual sites
  1. Ride the Parallax Wave

OK, I’m a bit critical about parallax, especially when websites all follow the same flow, based on users’ scroll behavior. But Pete R. uses a different kind of parallax effect that reacts to cursor movement and mobile accelerometer.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to use the Interactive BG plugin and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Pick the Best Plugins (For Free)

As it says in the URL, this article lists the best free plugins for your WordPress site. My three favorites:

  • Idea’s Factory: It allows (logged-in) users to submit ideas, and the community votes for them. Who said user engagement could only happen in social media?
  • Verbatim: Enables quoting — on twitter or any other interface — any phrase or sentence from your posts. If you’re running a blog, it’s a great boost to your articles’ virality!
  • Single Background: Lets you define a different background color or image for each image or post in your website, and thus, set up a different branding or atmosphere.
  1. Draw Your Inspiration from Beautiful WordPress Sites

The Awwwards annually recognize and reward the “talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.” On this list, you’ll find some of the most inspiring websites powered by WordPress. Don’t forget to submit yours for the next “Site Of The Year”’ selection.

  1. Share Your Tips and Get Help from the Community

Here is my selection of the best WordPress communities: on Google+, Facebook and, of course, Reddit.

And when the community’s not enough to solve your issue, or if you just don’t want to spend hours on forums:

  1. Get Help from an Expert

Solved is a desktop application that connects you directly to an expert who can help you with practically any software issue — so, in our case, with WordPress. Your expert will take you by the hand and help you solve — hence the name — your issue. What's a better way to learn than by working on your own case?

Have any other tips you'd like to add or comments? I’d love to read your thoughts about this list. Feel free to comment below!

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Claire-Emilie Lecocq is a content marketer at eFounders, a pioneer startup studio in Europe behind Mention and Front, among others. Claire handles communication and ensures the visibility of eFounders' early stage startups, including Solved. Follow her on Twitter.
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I tried other blogging platforms before. I could safely say that wordpress is the best! Thanks for its plugins.
Seduce Women Guide
I agree WordPress is a very easy to use blogging platform :)
https://www.wpmultiverse.com/blog/ is another great WordPress resource for new users.
We feature WordPress sites that have been completed, rather than focusing on the Demo sites the Theme Creators put together!