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Top Search Conferences You Must Attend in 2019

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Top Search Conferences You Must Attend in 2019

Liraz Postan
Top Search Conferences You Must Attend in 2019

Another year has passed, and with it, so many new trends and changes in search marketing. In the search field, every week is a lifetime, and as search marketers, we never stop learning. We must stay up-to-date, follow the latest tweets, keep up to speed on search conference recaps, watch the In-Office Hours Hangouts by Google, the list goes on an on. Case studies, research, surveys; we are constantly surrounded by amazing insights.

We can never get enough, and it is hard to keep up! One of my favorite activities is combining a great business trip with the opportunity to learn and see real-life influencers in action, on stage! It is a chance to meet great people, plan co-marketing activities for our brand, and try out new tools and platforms.

Last year, I had the pleasure of speaking at one of the great SEO conferences in the UK — Brighton SEO. I got to meet some of the industry’s best experts and was given the opportunity to share my knowledge. A recommendation: after attending some conferences, consider speaking to increase your industry connections. 

Just like last year, I am going to help you decide which search conferences you must attend in 2019, from all the great conferences out there. Read on to discover the top 9 search conferences you shouldn’t miss. And, start writing a memo to your boss, and get that flight booked!

#1 SMX West

When? January 30-31, 2019

Where? San Jose

Rates: $1695 and up

Conference Link

What you will take away: You will get both SEO and SEM insights from industry experts, focusing on voice and visual search, local search optimization, Google Ads and Bing audiences, a/b testing in a multi-format world, and how to optimize for the mobile-first world in 2019. There is an option for boot camp and workshop registration only. Best value for money, IMO; this is one of the best conferences for search marketers.

SMX west 2019

#2 YoastCon 2019

Do you use the Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress SEO efforts? Of course, you do!

There is a reason why this plugin has reached more than 5 million active installs, and now Yoast is coming to share their best practices with all of us.

When?  February 7-8, 2019

Where? Nijmegen, Netherlands

Rates: €499

Conference Link

What you will take away: This first-time-ever YoastCon will be focusing on SEO and WordPress challenges, tips for bloggers, AI in search, knowledge graph, Progressive WordPress, AMP and more. There are a terrific speakers list and actionable workshops, panel discussions, and in-depth analysis from Yoast experts. 

YoastCon 2019

#3 SearchLove San Diego

When? March 4-5, 2019

Where? San Diego, California

Rates: $999 and up

Conference Link

What you will take away: As always, SearchLove is bringing great speakers with insightful tips to boost your search marketing. Rand Fishkin will open the event by showing us how to break the outreach barriers we are all facing — SEO A/B testing study, technical SEO and machine learning. SearchLove always maintains the highest quality at their conferences, so no doubt you won’t regret traveling to sunny Calif for this one.

SearchLove San Diego 2019

#4 Pubcon

When?  March 5-7, 2019

Where?  Florida, USA

Rates: $699 and up

Conference Link

What you will take away: If there is anything I can say for sure, it’s that Pubcon is one of my favorite conferences in the world. At Pubcon, you will hear Gary Illyes and Ben Morss from Google, learn actionable strategies for SEO, PPC, social advertising, audits, Amazon, etc., and join in on an AMA panel with industry experts from all around the world. When I visited Pubcon, my laptop keyboard was on fire from all my frantic note-taking!


#5 SearchLeeds

When?  June 20, 2019

Where? Leeds, UK

Rates: TBD

Conference Link

What you will take away: Now here is a conference that had the entire industry talking last year; with such great feedback, you can’t go wrong! SearchLeeds focuses on the less-common side of things, so last year, we got to hear about Amazon SEO, e-commerce SEO, Google Shopping, Google Tag Manager and more. SearchLeeds is new in town, but definitely promising!

SearchLeeds 2019

#6 SearchCon

When? April 11-12, 2019

Where? Breckenridge, Colorado

Rates:  $349 – $739

Conference Link

What you will take away: SearchCon is an exciting search and digital conference where you can enjoy winter sports, skiing, brewery tours, shopping, or the Beaver Run Resort Spa during your downtime. Networking is the name of the game here, and if you decide to attend, you will definitely get the opportunity to meet loads of search industry professionals and agencies.

SearchCon 2019

#7 BrightonSEO

When? April 11-12, 2019

Where? Brighton, UK

Rates: Early Bird £500

Conference Link

What you will take away: This conference began with a bunch of marketers in a bar talking about SEO and search marketing. Today, it is one of the largest SEO conferences in the UK and Europe. Attendees will hear inspirational talks and attend hard-core training lessons. There are always exciting and surprising guests, and John Muller’s Q&A session will be one of the most interesting moments at this conference.

BrightonSEO 2019

#8 MozCon

When?  July 15-17, 2018

Where? Seattle, WA

Rates: $799 and up

Conference Link

What you will take away: Think of it as a 3-day training session for all kinds of search marketers, featuring actionable SEO and search insights, search-driven content strategy, an agency focused session, and an opportunity to expand your knowledge of BI and SEO, and proper reporting. Oh, and what would you do in a world without any traffic? Moz will focus on voice search, knowledge graph, and more.

MozCon 2019

#9 3XE Digital

When? October 17, 2019

Where? Ireland

Rates: Early Bird starts at €195

Conference Link

What you will take away: This conference is dedicated to the world of search, UX and conversion optimization. These three can’t really exist without each other, so at 3XE Digital you will have the chance to learn about them all in one day, with 20 speakers and six workshops. The conference covers all things digital, from email lists, PPC ads, analytics, and reporting, to SEM and SEO.



Yes, there are so many great conferences out there, and 2019 will be a busy year for search marketers who want to stay up to date. I hope my 2 cents has been helpful for you in deciding which conferences are worth traveling to. Whatever you do, always keep up with the latest schedules and changes, and be sure to follow the recaps that pop up after the conferences, especially if you couldn’t attend for any reason.

Have I missed an important conference on the list? Write to me in the comments section!

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jagdish malani
I wish, I use some of these tools like Yoast and now they organizing such conferences. I really like this and want to go if i can and implement those methods to rank my blog
Must do!
Hii I am Jusgriti bieber
its very nice,
when i was read your article that give a such a inspirational for me.
it has good information which i found everywhere but when i saw your article i really like it,
could you please give us these type of imformative blogs.and i requested you should vis
it my article hope this article also give you some information for your next article [link removed by moderator]
Liraz Postan
shreeja bilwal
Simon Cox
Nice to see both Brighton and Leeds in the list - wasn't that long ago when there were no UK conferences on this type of list - even though they were running. :)
Liraz Postan
Simon Cox
Thanks Simon, Every year I find myself giving the first priority to UK conferences. No doubt.
So, my calendar has been booked for 2019!

Thank You for providing the list of the conferences and necessary related information. Can I ask which one of the conferences you are most excited to attend?
Liraz Postan
Sahil Kakkar
Thanks, Sahil, Wish I could go to all of them :) Planning my business trips right now :)
Great post. Thanks for this list. Noted!
[link removed by moderator]
Liraz Postan
Thanks Deepak!
Liraz Postan
Thanks, Mark, noted! Always happy to know these boutique conferences. Sometimes, it brings a higher value than the others, I second that. Thanks!
Mark Traphagen
There are also a number of smaller regional conferences that deliver top rank speakers at a fraction of the ticket cost of these big shows. Among my favorites are State of Search (Dallas), Engage (Portland OR), Zenith (Duluth), and dare I add our own Next10X in Boston, now in its third year and featuring speakers like Ann Handley and Duane Forrester, as well as speakers from Google and several major brands.
Liraz Postan
Mark Traphagen
Thanks, Mark, noted! Always happy to know these boutique conferences. Sometimes, it brings a higher value than the others, I second that. Thanks!
James Kreinbrink
Wow! I am so honored that SearchCon made the list. We started it because many of us from Colorado were traveling to see speakers from Colorado, lol. We have so many amazing speakers from all over now, and they share their BEST info. No fluff, no basic stuff. Slides that we post afterward don't contain the most juicy tidbits, and we have both black and white hats sharing at the conference. But being a smaller conference, it's much more intimate - and you'll get to meet everyone there. Thanks so much for including us on the list.
Liraz Postan
James Kreinbrink
Good luck James!!!! You guys rock!
Scott Rumsey
Great list and some really good conference on here. The conference scene at the moment is so strong with so many informative takeaways. It's good that even thought we all work with different clients, budgets and in different areas, that there is a common goal - more search knowledge.

On a side note and as headline sponsors, I'd have thought that SEMrush would want Benchmark Search Conference added to this list. Plenty of actionable insights and an array of speakers from all areas of search marketing.
Liraz Postan
Scott Rumsey
Great Idea, Scott. Although I must say there are no 2 people that would think the same at one conference. It's like a theater show. So individual
#1 SMX West - not is San Diego, please update to San Jose
Liraz Postan
Bahman Zakeri
Dan Richardson
I've been to my fair share of search conferences, I enjoy them but to be honest I can count the number of genuinely useful actionable things I've learnt from them all on one finger.

Most of these talks are immediately posted online after so you can easily save yourself $1000+ by watching online if there really is anything worth listening to.
Dan Richardson
lol I see no lies here
Dan Richardson
I think it depends on the conferences you go to. One of the big ones that used to be in 10 cities a year, I went to two of their biggest events and never learned anything.

Some of those that work hard on like 1-2 conferences a year are far better and offer a lot of great information; I stick to those. Also, there is so much to learn from networking with experts. I think conferences are invaluable.
Liraz Postan
Thanks, George!
Liraz Postan
Dan Richardson
Thanks, Dan! I must say there's nothing like the real deal. Sometimes when watching the slides after the conferences you don't get the real context. No to mention the great networking and professionals you can actually meet and consult regarding ad advanced issue. In some of the conferences, you might even have site clinique sessions etc... Worth it IMO.
James Kreinbrink
Dan Richardson
Hi Dan,
That's what I found too: It was hardly worth the trouble. So I started SearchCon and only allow advanced material, holding speakers' "feet to the flames" for actionable takeaways. Our best slides don't get shared, and sometimes our best presentations don't even get POSTED for attendees. An unexpected bonus has been the networking aspect, but personal relationships always means sharing your best stuff. Give SearchCon a try. ps. Here's a $50 off discount code: SEMRUSH
Liraz Postan
James Kreinbrink
You rock, James!!

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