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Top Search Engines – Should You Optimize Your Website For All Of Them?

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Top Search Engines – Should You Optimize Your Website For All Of Them?

Google dominates the search market. Google is the best search engine there is. Google controls at least 60% of all searches performed across the world. Google is the only search engine you should be optimizing your website for.

All the statements made above are correct except the last one. The jury is still out on whether Yahoo SEO and Bing SEO are worth the effort given that Google SEO is going to drive most of the traffic your website receives. Most people not familiar with the ins and outs of search engine marketing state that it is pointless to focus on the other two top search engines as Google is so far ahead of the pack, there is no way they are going to catch up in the near future.

It is a valid point. Google pulls the strings when it comes to search. Its algorithm updates send chills down the spine of online marketers. They are in a quandary whenever Google makes any changes to its policies. And virtually everyone wants to have their website sitting at the top of the Google rankings. In such a scenario, it seems as though Google optimization should be your only goal. After all, optimization will cost money, and if you aren’t going to get a solid return on investment (ROI) from Yahoo and Bing why spend?

This brings us to the million-dollar question: should you optimize your website for all the top search engines.

Optimizing for Bing

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) takes time. Try as you may, you cannot achieve the top search engine ranking without putting in the time and effort required. If you are focusing on optimizing your website for Bing, it takes your attention away from Google. This means you aren’t able to devote as much time to Google as you need to. Since that search engine is responsible for most of the traffic you generate, this isn’t the ideal situation for you.

However, just because SEO takes time doesn’t mean you have to devote most of it to Bing. Rather, there are some ways in which you save the time you spend on Bing SEO. That way, even if you are taking time away from your efforts towards optimizing on Google, you can ensure you aren’t spending an excessive amount of time on Bing. The best way to go about doing this is to analyze the factors that Bing takes into account for determining the ranking of your website.

Strangely, Bing’s criteria differ considerably from Google’s. That is why you need to change up your website to optimize it on Bing. Bing pays more attention to:

  • Domain Age – the older your domain is, the more preference it will be given by Bing.
  • Title Tags – Bing considers title tags to be the most important of all Meta tags.
  • Link Building – you can use the same links for optimizing on Bing as you do for Google.
  • Flash – Google doesn’t like Flash that much but Bing does.

Of course, you will still need to spend time finding the right keywords for your Bing campaign. This is where SEMrush can come in very handy for you. SEMrush is a tool that helps you discover the most valuable keywords for Bing SEO and also for other search engines. You can also use its feature to organize the keywords you find to make it easier to incorporate them into the content you create.

The bottom-line is that it doesn’t take much time and effort to optimize your website on Bing. Plus, the competition is lower here as compared to Google. Therefore, getting to first page, first rank is easier.

Optimizing for Yahoo

Yahoo is no.3 on the list of top search engines. This is what creates apprehension in the minds of marketers when they are working towards optimizing a website on this search engine. They feel that because Yahoo! is number three, it isn’t worth the effort and money you put in. Plus, the company has been experiencing losses when it comes to search and is more focused on offering other products to help improve its bottom-line.

It is quite clear that Yahoo is on a downward spiral and cannot help you attract more than a few users at best. Still, it would require considerable time and effort on your part to perform Yahoo SEO. So, it does seem as though you shouldn’t be optimizing your website for Yahoo at all. But there is one thing, albeit small, that does go in favor of Yahoo optimization: Yahoo’s search results are powered by Bing. So, when you optimize your website for Bing, you’re pretty much optimizing it for Yahoo as well.

What this means is that if you are putting effort into getting your website to the top of the rankings on the no.2 search engine, no.3 is in the bag for you. You don’t need to put any extra effort into it at all.

Final Word

Coming to the conclusion, it is quite clear now that optimizing your website for all three top search engines is worth the time, money and effort you spend. You should focus your efforts towards Google as it is by far the most important search engine when it comes to traffic and revenue for your website. Dedicate 30% of your resources to Yahoo and Bing and you have a solid optimization strategy in place for your website.

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