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Tune Into The Best Podcasts Curated From 11 Marketing Experts

Umar Khan
Tune Into The Best Podcasts Curated From 11 Marketing Experts

According to recent research, people who follow Podcasts are about 1.7% of all audio listening out there. Now before you stop reading and think that this is a “tiny” number, let me tell you that the majority of podcast listeners will listen to almost 6 hours, and there are over 13 million podcast listeners worldwide.

To reach these millions of podcast listeners, all you have to do is make them aware of your podcast, provide quality content, and they will tune into all of your episodes. When a new listener subscribes to your podcast, they will go all the way back to first episode to find out what they missed and squeeze out every piece of wisdom you have ever broadcasted. That’s dedication!

Experts Recommend Podcast Shows

With all of the podcast shows out there, there are many options to start listening to experts sharing what they know. Let’s find out what top marketing experts think about podcasting and find out what podcast shows they recommend the most!

Matthew Barby – MatthewBarby.com

Podcasts are starting to spring up all over the place, especially within the marketing/startup scene. Personally, I don't listen to a huge amount of podcasts, but I know from first-hand experience that they're a powerful way to promote content. In particular, they're gold for getting email subscribers.

That said, it's difficult to get traction at the beginning of launching a new podcast. I think the whole 'interviewing an influencer' thing that is all I see at the moment will die down and a lot more big companies will start dominating the scene.

So, if I had to recommend three podcasts to follow they would be:

John Doherty – Hire Gun

I listen to two business podcasts primarily. I listen to them to be inspired, to learn, and to think outside the box about my business and business in general.

  • Unemployable by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger. This one has been very helpful to me as I have been getting my business off the ground. Brian covers a wide range of topics, including business models and career trajectories. They're short listens (8-12mins each), but valuable.
  • The Tim Ferriss Show. I've always liked Tim's thinking ever since I read The Four Hour Work Week when I was fresh out of college. He has amazingly interesting guests on this podcast and I always learn something new. I loved his interviews with Alexis Ohanian, Tony Robbins, and Matt Mullenweg of WordPre

Outside of business podcasts, I listen to Snap Judgement, This American Life, and 99% Invisible.


Podcasting is an effective branding tool to be perceived as an authority in a certain niche, build a solid community (brand followers) and/or consistently generate potential clients (leads) for the company.

There are just two mind-blowing podcasts that I've listened to in the past, which are highly recommended:

  • Inbound.org Podcast- focuses on interviewing influencers in the inbound marketing scene, with a great emphasis on company growth (KPI analysis, case studies, etc..).
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast- conducted by the well-known internet marketer, Pat Flynn, which aims to provide actionable tips in the areas of productivity, blogging, success development, personal finance, etc..

Here are a few reasons why the above examples of podcasts got traction in the web marketing community:

  • To become successful in podcasting, one must be able to consistently build its brand by finding a very specific niche to focus on and promoting it massively to its target audience.
  • Value - There must be some value in podcasting. It could be in a form of actionable tips (how to's), stories and case studies, which are easy to apply in daily list of activities.
  • Branding - The podcast itself should be uniquely different from others. From the introduction of the guests to background sounds, the series of podcasts must also aim to create something that could easily be remembered by the community.

Moosa Hemani – SeTalks.com

In my personal opinion, it’s a decent idea for branding and building a community around your brand, but expecting conversions out of a podcast is not a good idea.

I mean, imagine you are an ecommerce company; your audience is more interested in viewing your product and gets a feel of it in order to convert. Will you really convert from hearing the specs and specialties of a product?

As an SEO, I love listening to Webmaster Radio especially when I am going for a long drive alone. Their topics are amazing and contain lots of new knowledge that keeps me motivated and help me run new tests and experiments all the time.

James Norquay - Prosperity Media

Three Pod Casts I have enjoyed in the past which are in the Online Marketing/ Digital Business world are the following:

  • Digital Exists Podcast Podcast run by a website broker business called Digital Exits, they share information on how to grow your online business and website acquisition strategy.
  • Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Podcast Pat's podcast has numerous episodes online featuring numerous experts in the digital marketing space, it is worth checking out if you want to grow your blog and online business.
  • SEO Profits Podcast SEO Profits podcast shows how SEO's are currently running businesses and growing your businesses. I have personally been featured on this podcast here.

Ronell Smith - ronellsmith.com

Podcasts are being treated as the new, shiny object in digital marketing. But in reality podcasts have been around for years. I'n fact, I've been listening to podcasts in the fitness and nutrition industry for more than five years.

Having said that, podcasts can be used effectively in/for content marketing:

  • They make a great addition to content marketing mix, which is often dominated by text and images
  • They make it possible for people to consume your information while on the go
  • They allow for the effective transmission of ideas through a medium that might be more accessible for many prospects

Even so, a podcast is only as good as the person(s) conducting it. The best podcasts have five things in common:

  • Likable, funny and knowledgeable hosts
  • Interesting interviewees who can deliver ideas well through speech
  • Defined format (i.e. allows listeners to know what to expect)
  • Novel and/or compelling information
  • Actionable takeaways

Podcasts, like blogs, ebooks and everything else in content marketing, are easy to begin but tough to sustain. The five elements above will help marketers attain and retain staying power.

The two online marketing-related podcasts I listen to regularly (for the five reasons above) include Responsive Design Way, by Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte, and Centerline Digital's In The Know, with Devin Asaro.

To those on the fence about podcasts, I say give it a try. Even if it's not successful, you'll likely get better at delivering on the five elements above, which can benefit all areas of marketing.

Sujan Patel – sujanpatel.com

Podcasting for businesses can be very powerful. It's not only a great way to showcase your knowledge and become a thought leader, but because it's audio, the audience can get a sense of your enthusiasm and passion of what you’re saying.

My three favorite podcasts are:

I've been doing digital marketing for 13 years now and after a while it's hard to get inspiration or ideas from the reading or listening to digital marketing content. So a few years ago I switched to listening to broader business podcasts and I've actually learned more marketing tactics and tricks from these interviews than anywhere else.

Mixergy is one of my favorites as he interviews all types of entrepreneurs and really knows how to get the "meat" from the founders. The Top from Nathan Latka is one of my new favorites. He's an entertaining personality and also know show to extract information from the interviewee. Lastly, Growth Everywhere is a must listen for anyone in the digital marketing space as he brings folks specifically focused on growth.


Violeta Nedkova - violetanedkova.com

My #1 choice of a marketing-related podcast is the #AskGaryVee Show. I find myself agreeing with everything Gary says, and if you want to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing climate - especially social media - you better listen/watch.

My #2 choice is Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Show because Pat is funny, insightful, and he knows his stuff. It's not only about passive income either. It covers everything from copy to email to interviews with amazing experts like Derek Halpern.

My #3 choice? There are lots of marketing podcasts out there, but I enjoy the podcasts that are not marketing related actually. Podcasts like The Lively ShowThe Suitcase Entrepreneur, and Unmistakable Creative are excellent opportunities to glimpse into alternate realities - realities where most of us would want to or already live.

Syed Balkhi -  syedbalkhi.com

My favorite marketing podcasts are:

Mike Alton –  TheSocialMediaHat.com

Podcasts are all the rage right now, and for good reason. With the explosion of smart phones, video streaming platforms, and an awareness of audience needs, marketers and businesses are flocking to the podcast as a means for communicating.

It has never been easier to spend 30 minutes talking about your topic with a guest or three, on a Hangout or Blab or Skype, and then turn that recording into a published video and podcast and blog post. It's the trifecta of content repurposing, isn't it?

Matt Antonino - mattantonino.com

While I used to listen to more podcasts, I’ve really narrowed it down to just a few I still listen to regularly because they’re full of great tips and they’re entertaining.

  • Entrepreneur On Fire.  3 months ago EOF passed 1000 episodes, if that says anything. They are one of the most regular and interesting podcasts and they aren’t limited to marketing. They talk about business automation, mobile apps, the UFC,  management & even exercise for business owners. Super-interesting, frequently updated – definitely one of the best!
  • Ask Gary Vee.  Gary isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that makes him more relatable for me. I really like that his podcast is energetic and has a lot of actionable tips. Gary says he “loves the hustle” of work. His passion comes through the podcast and it’s hard to put him on in the background and forget he’s there – it’s very easy to connect with.
  • Smart Passive Income.  This podcast is focused mainly on the guests and they get some whoppers. Recently they’ve had Derek Halpern, Brian Dean, Ramit Sethi, Michael Hyatt and Chalene Johnson. Those are mega-names and worth tuning in to hear. Seems to be a bit more of a forgotten podcast, but ti definitely deserves love.
  • The Growth Show. Hubspot’s own show is a good listen when I am busy and needing to stay on task. It’s not as crazy energetic as Gary Vee or as deeply insightful as SPI but it’s a very laid back, interview-style Podcast that I love to pull up on a rainy, cold day when I’m just working in the office.

Umar oversees digital strategy at FAM Properties, a leading real estate agency in Dubai. He is a columnist for famous marketing publications and manages his own blog KhansMarketing.com. He loves working with people all over the world. Get in touch with him on Twitter.

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Umar oversees digital strategy at FAM Properties, a leading real estate agency in Dubai. He is a columnist for famous marketing publications and love working with people all over the world. Get in touch with him on Twitter.
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Emma Dale
Nice Post
Jessica Adams
Hey Umer, nice article on podcasts and you listed great collection of podcasts. I like the Mike Alton's idea "Trifecta", talking about your topic with a guest and record into a published video and podcast and blog post. Is this idea work for apps? Tattoo Designs
Hello everyone,

My name is Umar and I'm the author of this post. I'd love to know any other podcasts that I missed out. What's your favorite one?

Umar Khan
Definitely check out growthedream.com/show - it's a weekly podcast (comes out on Monday's) hence the term "Marketing Monday's"

I'd be curious to hear what you think Umar!
Josh Muccio
That's awesome Josh. Thanks for sharing this. I'll surely check it iut now :)
Umar Khan
Superb article! Umar hope to see more of your posts here.
Salman Sharif
Thanks Salman :)
Umar Khan
Hi Umar i have read your guest posting on on different websites i am also a fresher seo executive you are my mentor our industry is same i am marketing for indian real estate pls tell us some tips .