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Twitter and Google Team Up For Search: What It Means For Your Business

Larry Alton

Twitter has recently agreed to make its tweet data accessible to Google search. The merger is set to happen in the first half of 2015, and although Google has had the ability to search for keywords in Twitter profiles before this deal, the partnership will make the search apply to tweets quicker and more directly.

Since no Twitter account is required to view tweets on Google search, Twitter will see increased traffic and visibility.

This deal isn't just beneficial for Twitter, but for businesses who advertise and operate on the social platform. The new system will allow businesses to reach more people with each tweet and capitalize on the change in search, gaining the most reach with their content.

Twitter and Search in 2015

Stay Current and Timely

With this new system, tweets will be displayed in real time on Google search results, instead of just showing profile information. This algorithm allows information to become seen more, since it will be available on both Google and Twitter.

The micro-blogging platform boasts an astonishing 6,000 tweets per second which makes it easy for your business's single tweet to get lost in the fray of hundreds of thousands of tweets per minute. But if you include keywords related to a trending search, your timely and relevant tweet will be viewed by anyone searching for the subject matter. These topical tweets can be about breaking news, current trends as they relate to your business, or anything that people are searching for.

This strategy doesn't mean spamming your account with a steady barrage of tweets; you don't want to swamp your feed with white noise for the chance to get one tweet noticed. But be aware of what's happening both in the world and in your line of business and be the first to deliver the latest tip to anyone searching.

Instant Access

Although Twitter already has its own search function on its site, adding Google search to the equation will help disseminate search results to people with or without Twitter. It's been found that when Twitter allows Google to crawl its content, the traffic from people not logged into Twitter increases tenfold.

With the popularization of multiple social media platforms, the way people receive news and updates has changed. Because of Google's new approach, which gives users instant access to news and information rather than forcing them to peruse links, users will soon rely on Google alone for timely information. Considering Twitter is one of the most important new sources for this approach, tweets will be an important way of getting noticed and getting more attention for your brand.

Look to the Future of Search

This isn't the first time Google has had a real time search deal with Twitter. The companies had a similar arrangement in 2009 that expired in 2011 with little explanation for the split from either company. However, when the initial split happened in 2011, Google cited that in the future, its search engine would facilitate real time updates from many different platforms, not just Google+, but also Facebook and newly updated web pages. This latest Twitter/Google renewal may be just the tip of the iceberg as Google expands instant access to many different areas. If that turns out to be the case, plan ahead and build your online presence on multiple platforms, staying timely on all of them.

Consider Your Tweets Carefully

Google keeping an active log of all tweets is a great opportunity for people to find the exact information they need. The only downside is the 140 character limit of Twitter doesn't necessarily lend itself to the most intelligent or well thought-out conversations.

With the intermingled search of Google and Twitter, the search engine could further the reach of genuine, worthy broadcasts, but also the blunders of any company unfortunate enough to not think out their tweets fully. Don't fall into the trap of creating sub-par content for the chance of a link click. Despite the extended reach, plan and compose your tweets carefully and leave little room for error.


There is always a "next big thing" when it comes to SEO and social media marketing. Google and Twitter had a similar deal from 2009 to 2011, which eventually deteriorated, but even if this newest union doesn't last forever it's still a great way to build a huge audience.

Your business's Twitter account, and eventually other social accounts, could be seen by millions with the help of Google search. It's time to put your best foot forward and show the world at large how great your company can be.

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Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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Matt LaClear
This latest news from Twitter and Google is quite exciting. However, at the same time it's also going to open up a whole can of worms and worries for brands and what's being said about them already on Twitter, and now potentially to appear within Google as well. With so many users talking about products, brands and bringing their complaints to social, what are your thoughts on how brands might better manage what could possibly appear in the search results after this data merger takes place?
Eddie Gear
My analysis is that Google thought they could gather social data to improve its search rankings therefore they launched G+ and stopped Twitter in search. Now realizing that G+ does not offer the level of results they expected and Twitter growing with every passing month they have decided to allow twitter on search again.

Results - Google gets access to Twitter data and use it to improve search results in my opinion.