The Semrush SEO Audit Template + Checklist (PDF)

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Jun 09, 20224 min read
The Ultimate Site Audit with Semrush


SEO is a big machine with lots of little moving parts—sometimes it can stress out the most seasoned of SEOs. 

So how can you make sure everything works just right? 

Two things can help:

  1. A template to follow
  2. A way of checking your improvement

Every day, people audit hundreds of thousands of websites with Semrush’s Site Audit.

This tool scores your website’s overall health and gives you a custom checklist to make specific improvements. This report can be your template for auditing any website—large or small.

To level up your knowledge on why these site issues are so important, download our free SEO audit checklist and PDF. 

You’ll find tips and tricks on all kinds of website issues so you’ll never lose track of what to do next.

Overcome Your SEO Obstacles with Semrush’s Free Audit 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your skills and knowledge, you can take a big step with a Site Audit on Semrush.

At the bottom of this page is a comprehensive SEO audit PDF and detailed ebook to guide you through all the steps of keeping your site healthy.

Plus, you can try Semrush’s free audit for your website—just type a domain in Site Audit

Use this tool along with the Semrush audit PDF to smash through any site health obstacles like: 

  • Slow site speed 
  • Wrong redirects 
  • Switching to SSL 
  • Bad UX on mobile 
  • Duplicate content 
  • Messy site architecture
  • And more SEO nightmares

Before you start smashing, read the ebook to understand the most common website issues. You’ll get advice on simple improvements to eliminate pesky website problems and start getting better online visibility. 

And don’t miss our article that answers the most common question: “What is SEO?” Or just be like the Hulk and get to crushing those site issues! 

Website Audit Checklist

Save this handy checklist to make sure you don’t miss any of the most important steps to a healthier site.

Seo audit checklist pdf

What You’ll Find in the SEO Audit Checklist and PDF

The world of SEO and web technology is always changing (we’re looking at you, Google algorithm updates). Downloading this PDF can help you keep watch for problems with:


Example of a sitemap sitemap

Every important page of your website has to be crawlable for search engine bots. Plus, website health includes making sure all of the pages you don’t want to be indexed are hidden from crawlers. Make your robots.txt and XML sitemap work to your benefit and not against you by ensuring that they contain no errors.


If a webpage isn’t in Google’s index, you won’t be able to find it via search. Indexability means your site content will be easy for Google’s crawlers to find and index, making it easier for people to find when searching.

Efficient organization of the content on your site is a recipe for happy visitors and crawlers. You’ll see how to create SEO-friendly URLs, how to use use a site checker to audit all of your website’s internal and external linking for mistakes and incorrect redirects.

On-Page Issues

On-page content was crowned by the SEO community a long time ago and it continues to rule to this day. It demands special care for itself and its courtiers–meta tags. You have to attend to bothersome duplicates, wonky titles, irrelevant headers, and bland descriptions that suck the SEO quality out of your pages.

Technical SEO

“This page is taking so long to load, but I will gladly wait,” said no one ever. Unoptimized visuals, poorly coded HTML, and outdated technology will drag you away from Google’s first page if you don’t start a preemptive emphasis on speed and good code. Oh, and there’s also mobile optimization, of course.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a technology that can wildly increase page speed on mobile devices. With AMP, mobile users can open Google search results in an instant. AMP coding involves restrictions and specificities, and you'll have to abide by its rules. To help you set up your AMPs correctly, our Site Audit tool detects over 40 AMP-related mistakes while showing you the exact line of code where the error crept in.


example of https

Since security is as important in cyberspace as it is in the offline world, it’s no wonder that HTTPS is a ranking factor becoming more and more significant. Nowadays, it’s not only necessary for the websites that request sensitive data but for pretty much everyone. Admittedly, moving your website to HTTPS smoothly and maintaining a secured protocol is a complicated business—we’re here to help.

International SEO

example of international seo in action

For those auditing international websites, SEO errors can send your multilingual website to the last SERP. Setting the correct language to appear for the right audience and making the search engines cooperate is a difficult mission where mistakes are very hard to dodge.

Check Out Our Free Website Audit Service

With the right tool and the proper techniques for performing a website audit, you can handle the daunting task of auditing your site. The Semrush Site Audit tool offers full functionality and a free crawl for 100 pages, so you can try it today. 

Now go ahead and fix your website! And please tell us about your experience. Your feedback will be much appreciated as it helps us evolve.

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