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The Ultimate Site Audit With SEMrush [Free PDF]

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The Ultimate Site Audit With SEMrush [Free PDF]

This post is in English
Nikolai Boroda
This post is in English
The Ultimate Site Audit With SEMrush [Free PDF]

Our team is happy to present you with a comprehensive e-book that will guide you through all the steps of producing an SEO audit for a website with SEMrush. It will help you easily figure out all of the issues whether you are just starting out or are simply looking to advance your skills and knowledge.

We will describe the concerns that may arise related to website health, and provide advice on the simple improvements to eliminate all of them.

Learn how to fix your website!

An e-book explaining all of the mistakes that our tool can catch

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What our e-book is about

We are always considering the needs of our users and the changes that are occurring in the world of SEO and web technology. To share our expertise, we have put together the ultimate SEO Site Audit checklist that explains important components of the proficient site analysis, including:


You need to make sure that every important page of your website is accessible to search engine bots, and that all of the pages you do not want to be indexed are hidden from them. Make your robots.txt and XML sitemap work to your benefit and not against you by ensuring that they contain no errors.

Site Architecture

Efficient organization of the content on your site is a recipe for happy users and crawlers. You need to create SEO-friendly URLs, considering all the nuances, and attentively use a site checker to audit all of your website’s internal and external linking for various mistakes and incorrect redirects.

On-page Issues

Content was crowned by the SEO community a long time ago and it continues to rule to this day. And being a blue-blooded element, it demands special care for itself and its courtiers – meta tags. You have to attend to bothersome duplicates, suboptimal titles, headers, and descriptions that suck the SEO energy out of your pages.

Technical SEO

“This page takes so long to load, but I will gladly wait,” said no one ever. Unoptimized visuals, poorly coded HTML, and moldy technology will drag you to the last SERP if you don’t start a preemptive war. Oh, and there is also mobile optimization, of course.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a technology that can wildly increase the page speed. With AMP, mobile users are able to open the desired content from Google’s search results in an instant. AMP coding necessitates a lot of restrictions and specificities, and you'll have to abide by its rules. To help you set up your AMPs correctly, SEMrush detects over 40 AMP related mistakes while showing you the exact line of code where the error crept in.


It is no wonder that HTTPS is a ranking factor that is becoming more and more significant since security is as important in cyberspace as it is in the offline world. Nowadays, it is not only necessary for the websites that request sensitive data but for pretty much everyone. Admittedly, moving your website to HTTPS smoothly and maintaining a secured protocol is a complicated business that requires vigilance.

International SEO

For those cosmopolitan websites, we share a cautionary tale about a ferocious pack of SEO errors ready to tear your multilingual website to shreds. Setting the correct language to appear for the right audience and making the search engines to cooperate is a difficult endeavor where mistakes are very hard to dodge.

In Conclusion

With the right tool and the proper techniques for performing a website audit, you can handle the task of auditing your site. The SEMrush Site Audit tool offers full functionality, even with a basic Pro Plan, and offers a free crawl for 100 pages, so you can try it right away. Now go ahead and fix your website! And please tell us about your experience. Your feedback will be much appreciated as it helps us evolve.

Performing site audit can be challenging even with a handy diagnostic tool at your disposal. To guide you through that process we have put together an e-book explaining all of the mistakes that SEMrush Site Audit can help you to resolve in order for your website to flourish.

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Salman Saleem
@Nikolai Boroda Analysis is necessary before starting SEO. Site Audit is a starting point to know the current standing of a website. SEMrush's Site Audit tool provides a good functionality and is a must have for Digital Marketing professionals.
Nikolai Boroda
Salman Saleem
Well put, thanks for the comment!
I’d only add that the on page optimization is an ongoing process that almost never ends. Those mistakes keep popping up, so you have to keep an eye out.
There are specific reports for tracking your progress and for comparing your crawls in the Site Audit tool.
I cannot see the list anywhere. Is there something wrong?
Alex Tsygankov
Zhiwen Gao
Hi Zhiwen, I am sorry, the link was not visible due to technical issues, you can find the ebook here:
Great list indeed! I recently wrote one SEO Audit Checklist but I missed some of the points that you mentioned above.. Going to insert them RIGHT AWAY! Thanks for sharing this ultimate list! :) Many other blogs related to SEO on Metabizverse which are also worth reading.
Its Great Tool .i want to use it for my Website [link removed by moderator] what is the cost of per month or year
Nikolai Boroda
TravelCheap Holiday
Hi, thanks for the comment! SEMrush offers three plans for you to choose depending on your needs. See the specifics here -
Not bad for a relatively thorough foundational checklist ! :)
Hi Nikolai, am a new SEMrush user! Great tool. I downloaded audit guide and got spanish version. How do i get English?
Nikolai Boroda
Vernon Penny
Hi, Vernon! Sorry for the inconvenience! There was some weird mix-up, but it’s all fixed now. I hope that you find our e-book useful and interesting.
Thanks, Nikolai Boroda for providing a right tool - SEMRUSH for SEO audit and analysis. I just did the audit for my website [link removed by moderator] and find so many valuable insights to improve my site performance.
Dear All,
Today I created account with because I heard from my friend about this site. This Site is really awesome about site audit, backlinks or seo related. I checked my site [link removed by moderator] and add project in my profile. I can see its gives me a lot of information about my site. Really recommend for all. Thanks Semrush Team.
eMarket Experts
Great Post, Learn the bit of Site Audit with SEMrush. We were using another tool but looking forward to using SEMrush Site Audit tool. Thanks Nikolai for posting.
Nikolai Boroda
eMarket Experts
Thanks for reading! Share your thoughts after you try our tool.
Great post, I have 95% health in my audit, only problem is https lack
Nikolai Boroda
Soula Milona
Congrats! That is a great result. As for HTTPS – first, assess necessity and possibility. You shouldn’t rush into switching your website to the secured protocol unless you are ready to do it right.
great post mate! really enjoyed reading this and this will help so much
Nikolai Boroda
Kunal Lal
Thanks, mate. Happy to help!
Harshil Barot
Awesome Share, I always use SEMRush to Audit my website!
Nikolai Boroda
Harshil Barot
Good to know, thank you!
Great Article sir, this would help me to improve my website.....
Nikolai Boroda
I sure hope so, thank you!
Awesome Article
Nikolai Boroda
Dev Adnani
Thanks! Check out our e-book!

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