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Shauna Armitage

Up Your Social Strategy with Periscope

Shauna Armitage
Up Your Social Strategy with Periscope

There’s a great deal to consider when building a social strategy. New social networks are popping up all the time, so it’s essential that marketers stay in the know.

Well, the next big thing is here.

With service providers expanding 4G networks and wifi available almost everywhere you go, live streaming is where it’s at now. And no app does live streaming better than Periscope.

The possibilities for marketers are endless; you have the opportunity to define the uses of this new application for your own business purposes.

How Periscope Works

First of all, Twitter bought Periscope so they’ve got a particular interest in making sure the platforms work together smoothly — not to mention the funding to ensure that it gets developed properly.

This is how it works: You create a video and broadcast it in real time to live viewers who can comment and like your broadcast with hearts. The video will be saved for 24 hours to the app for reviewing, but it is automatically uploaded to your phone after you finish unless you opt out. This particular feature is great for marketers who want to save their videos and use them later to embed in posts, to share on YouTube, or even use in marketing materials.

It’s a big deal and only time will tell how innovative marketers will be able to use this app for their benefit. Currently, Periscope is only available on iPhone, but inquiring minds are hoping that an Android version will be released sooner rather than later, which has to be done before the app can really blow up in earnest.

What About Meerkat?

Meerkat was first on the scene with the concept that life is unpredictable and the “best experiences take place when everyone can participate." (It’s hard to argue with that.) Several live streaming services have launched and failed in the past, but Meerkat was the first to prove that it could be done. When Periscope appeared on the scene, it proved that live streaming could be done better.

The Future Of Personal Broadcasting

The best part of Periscope is that we haven’t determined the best way to use it yet. There are tons and tons of possibilities, from broadcasting events to showing unique travel destinations and even reviewing products.

Right now, people are broadcasting videos of themselves walking dogs and reviewing the contents of the fridge, and people are watching. Can you imagine how valuable a tool this will be when we find its uses for our specific business?

Ideas For Using Periscope As A Marketing Tool

The first thing you’ve got to do is create an account and start building a following. Just like any other social media platform, Periscope won’t help you much if no one is tuning in to see your stuff. The next step is to take your blog posts live. Hit the airwaves to not just talk at people about your content, but to talk with them about your content.

This is a chance for marketers to understand their buyer personas in a big way. Instead of anticipating the questions you may be asked based on your content, you will actually get feedback from real people in real time. In time, I expect that we’ll see scheduled events happening in the same vein as the Twitter chat or live webinar.

You can also use the app to review products, services, or destinations in live. Conducting presentations for clients or customers is also a great option for making the most of this app. Make sure you are on the lookout for your audience’s comments so you can answer the important questions as they arise. All the possibilities give marketers an opportunity to take their efforts and campaigns to the next level by engaging with their audience in a way that has never before been possible.

Get Onboard

Periscope has a bright future, so if you have an iPhone, now is a good time to start using it and familiarize yourself with the platform. You can certainly come up with your own uses for the platform before it gains even more momentum.

The whole point of Periscope is to be live, unscripted, and transported to anywhere in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared and succinct in your use of it. It gives viewers a chance to experience something completely new and exciting and gives the streamer a chance to connect with the audience in a more meaningful way.

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Shauna Armitage

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Shauna Armitage is the Director of Inbound Marketing at Derek Palizay & Associates, a full-service digital marketing firm that focuses on making all businesses successful. She is also the co-founder of PureWander.com and a HubSpot-certified professional. Connect with Shauna on Twitter. Her last article for SEMrush was “Emojis are Being Booted from Google Search Results."
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