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How to Use SEMrush to Dominate the Search Engines: Part Two

Jason Hawkins

In yesterday's post, we discussed how to use SEMrush to identify the SEO champion in your industry and how to write compelling content. Today, we'll discuss how to make that content SEO-friendly and share it across different platforms.

This is Part Two of "How to Use SEMrush to Dominate the Search Engines."

Step 3: Optimize Your Newly Created Content to be SEO-Friendly

Now that you have a perfectly written article backed by your newfound data, it's time to make it Google-friendly. This is the fun part! Make sure you follow these steps:

1)      Geotag your page. Is there a specific area or region you are targeting? Rather than targeting "luxury yacht charters Miami" as a keyword, what if Google picked up on a user’s location and he or she just uses the query "luxury yacht charters"? In this case, geotag your Miami Coordinates so once your authority builds up on this page, you can rank locally for a national query based on the user’s location. For WordPress, there is a plugin called Geo Tag. If you have a standard HTML website, use

2)      Add relevant outbound authority links. Don’t be stingy; your visitors will appreciate your kindness of giving a reputable resource for them to learn more about a specific topic of interest that you are not covering.

3)      Add internal links. Have a post/page dedicated to a topic you briefly mention? Inner link to that page to give the reader the option to learn more about that topic. For example, say in this luxury yacht charter example you briefly mention Yacht Charters in Greece. Maybe you wrote an awesome article or post on, "Yacht Rentals in Greece: 5 Must See Places!" If someone is considering this type of yacht rental, your five must-see places may convince them to book the charter.

4)      Have multiple call to actions for your inner pages. Tell the visitor why they should convert and/or why they should choose to reach out to you. Think, if I had 100 people who might be interested in my service/product, what is the best deal I can give them while still being profitable? Think of a few. Do A/B testing to see which offer converts at the largest percentage.

5)      Claim authorship! If you haven’t, I have no idea why not. It is extremely important and comes with numerous benefits, one being increased click through rate to the tune of over 30%. Learn how to claim authorship here.

Step 4: Content Support - A Critical Step in Your SEO Journey

Your content is written. Your content is optimized. However, what you do next is extremely important.

In lower competition industries, just doing the above should get you some natural long tail organic visitors after your new page is indexed. However, we want to dominate, not just compete. Follow these next steps to bring this page to the next level:

1)      Share your new creation on all your social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are my favorite four. You spent a lot of time perfecting your content and making it an easy, pleasurable read; studies show if you ask for people to share your post, the chances of them sharing it are significantly higher.

2)      Start blogging on your website. Write about different topics that are slightly related. Remember how we pulled our data from our SEMrush search? You should now have a database of ideas on what to blog about. Use internal links and link back to this newly created page. Don’t write just to write, be creative and differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other websites you are competing against.

3)      Guest blog outreach. Outreach to authoritative sources in your industry and build a relationship. Advise you are an expert in your industry and you would like to share your knowledge with their audience. Explain how you would benefit from their audience. Stand out from the crowd for increased success.

4)      Interview Campaign. Outreach to other true industry experts and conduct an interview with all of them pertaining to your main post. Ask questions that many in your industry would like to know. After you publish, email them with a link so they can share it on their social platforms, as they are noted in your interview as an expert which has tremendous value to their personal brand. This is a great way to earn natural links.

5)      Create a Stunning Powerpoint Presentation on your topic. Submit to Slideshare.

For more ideas, here is a great post on 12 link building ideas. Any other tips you use to rank? Leave them in the comments.

Author Bio:

Jason Hawkins is the President & Co-Founder of and He has over eight years of experience in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation. His core responsibilities include identifying ways to increase value of services rendered, ensuring industry leading response time from staff, training staff on advanced SEO topics, and A/B testing internal processes to consistently improve client return on investment. Follow Jason on Twitter here.

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Jason Hawkins is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Miami SEO Company. He has over ten years of experience in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and lead generation. His core responsibilities include identifying ways to increase value of services rendered, training staff on advanced SEO topics, and A/B testing internal processes to consistently improve client return on investment.
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i will try your tips for my blog which is effected by panda. I hope your tips help me and i get some more visits on my blog.
I will follow the tips you mentioned for good rankings in search engines.
Thanks for this useful information
Jason Hawkins
Hi Hemant & Johny Milton001,

First, thank you for the comments. Yes, follow these steps as they are proven to work on numerous websites. Stay tuned to all future posts by all guest bloggers, as everyone is extremely knowledgeable who posts on SEMrush. Do not forgot to incorporate SEMrush's Pro account data research for maximum keyword grouping ideas, this is critical to making it "all work".

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