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Elena Terenteva

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Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies. Bookworm, poker player, good swimmer.


On-Site SEO Mistakes

11 Most Common On-Site SEO Mistakes [Semrush Study]

Which SEO issues do you really need to focus on? We decided to find out using real data. In this article you will find a list of the most common on-page, technical SEO and website issues and information about the way they can affect your search engine rankings. The infographic below summarizes our key findings.
Jul 19, 2016
Mobile or Responsive: Which Site Is Right for You?

Mobile or Responsive: Which Site Is Right for You?

It‘s now more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website, but which approach should you choose? In the past, Google has heavily favored the responsive approach, but the April 21 mobile-friendly update made it clear that a separate mobile website (also known as an mdot site) is also acceptable. There are several factors to weigh up in making your decision.
Jun 02, 2015