Want To Write a High Quality Blog? Beginner Blogger Tips

Mukta Dhiman

Nov 11, 20163 min read
Beginner Blogger Tips

‘Blog,’ has been the verb and ‘Blogging’ has been the noun of this century. As this century is aging, it couldn’t be truer!

There are good blogs and there are great blogs, and it is my belief that you have set out on a course to produce the latter. Decent vocabulary and correct grammar will lead you there halfway only.

Focusing on words entirely won’t also produce a high-quality blog post. There is certainly more to a blog than words!

To help you on your quest of writing a powerful blog, you should follow these beginner tips so that the next time you sit before your computer to write. If you want to become a blogger of authority in a specific niche, your blog must have the following:

1. An emphasize on simplicity and effectiveness

Of all the stories you would have heard in life, at the moment being, you would only be remembering those which were narrated to you in a straightforward manner. (Bear in mind, you are not writing a screenplay!)

The key is that being simple arouses sensibility, and you won’t come across as pretentious. Too many sophisticated words can be a big turnoff and depletes your natural wit and knack at writing. And to will come across as effective in your blogs and build your personal brand, you must be true to yourself.

Showcase your voice!

2. Approach the topic with a unique angle

Whatever the topic you may choose to blog over, chances are that it already has a blog. While the topic may be common, it can almost always be approached with a new angle. When things are unique they are looked upon with sincerity.

3. Know your audience

This is a crucial juncture generally overlooked by bloggers. To hold off and maintain the intrigue of your readers, you need to identify first as to who they are. Once you have known them for good, you can cater them better with narrative tone and referencing styles and cultures that will suit them the best.

For example, if your target reader is teenagers, you can incorporate pop culture references and urban slangs, if and when as required. However, the blog posts you are targeting for a mature audience can be endowed with a philosophical tone, depending on the subject of your blog.

4. Seize your readers from the beginning

The beginning of your blog is where you need to grab the interest of your readers. Your focus should be at invoking the thought process of your readers by asking questions or building up a scenario which takes the hold of their imagination centered on your words. Thereafter, it becomes easy for the reader to sail through your blog.

Of the several places where a blogger is most likely to experience writer’s block, the initial paragraph is where it happens most frequently. There is no denial of it, happens to every writer, however, every smart blogger overcomes it on a daily basis. So go ahead, and hook them up with the very first line of your blog!

5. Draft short sentences and edit

Every second, hundreds of blogs are being posted on the internet. So why a reader should devote his precious time reading your blog? Don't make it boring with long-winded paragraphs. And to avoid this, you need to draft short and catchy sentences. Also, the idioms and phrases used shouldn’t be convoluted and mislead your reader. The use of words should be precise and wise.

Redundancy brings boredom. Before you publish, ensure you read it thoroughly more than a couple of times.

Every time you force your writing through the editing process, you sharpen your writing skills, refine your techniques, and understand what words and phrases best fit what you are trying to express.

6. Entice and provoke thought

What most bloggers do is restate things they have earlier mentioned in their blog. But this is redundant, isn’t it? Summing up all those points seems like a plausible escape, but it should be avoided. Instead, you should emphasize the central theme of your blog. And, end on a note that leaves the readers further aroused by putting a thought-provoking question or a call-to-action. 

Moreover, for your blog to be influential, you should try to make it informative, consistently engage, follow a certain track and not wander away too far from the central theme.

A blogger mustn’t lose sight of credibility either. Ensure your research is thorough, keep your blog hoax-free and check the facts. Use analogies sagaciously and it would make your blog a tremendously worthy read.

Keep your thinking caps on and always rely on your personal creativity, for this might take your blog to unprecedented heights. This ensures that you don’t lose focus and miss out on crucial points.

Happy blogging!

What tips would you share to a new blogger?

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